Can You Claim Gold on Your Taxes?

Can you claim gold on your taxes

Gold and other precious metals are considered collectibles and any gains from selling these assets must be reported to the IRS; however, there are ways to minimize tax liabilities associated with selling such assets.

Investors can take advantage of a 1031 exchange to reinvest proceeds from selling physical metal investments into new assets, reducing capital gains taxes significantly in this way.

Taxes on Capital Gains

Taxing capital gains has long been a hotly-debated political topic. Under IRS policy, capital gains are taxed at lower rates than ordinary income; this practice has drawn widespread criticism from political leftists who claim it enables households to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

The government calculates capital gains by subtracting your basis (including commissions or fees ) from its realized amount ( what it sold for), then taxes the difference at up to 20 percent. Taxpayers with modified adjusted gross income exceeding certain levels may owe an additional 3.8% net investment income tax.

Capital gains differ from ordinary income in that they are not adjusted for inflation, making them more likely to reflect stock price inflation rather than real increases in wealth. Indexing capital gains would create numerous distortions and sheltering opportunities; nevertheless, indexation remains an option.

Taxes on Losses

As gold and other precious metals have seen dramatic price gains, some investors have realized substantial unrealized gains that are taxed at a higher rate than other investments such as stocks or bonds. Furthermore, ETFs that hold physical bullion may also fall under collectible status and therefore subject to higher capital gains rates.

Deducting losses from taxable investments is one way to help lower your tax bill, and is particularly advantageous if your net capital losses exceed net gains for the year. Any unutilized losses can be applied against wages and taxable interest and dividend income; any remaining ones carry forward to next year. A common strategy to minimize capital gains taxes involves selling some assets one year and buying them back later on in a different tax year.

Taxes on Inheritances

Answering whether or not inheritance taxes apply depends largely on what assets you inherit, their value, and where you reside. For instance, if you inherit appreciated assets like retirement accounts or real estate that provide income streams such as distributions or sale proceeds, income tax may apply when selling off those assets.

However, the good news is that the federal government does not consider inheritances to be income, while only six states levie an inheritance tax. Furthermore, its threshold is typically quite high so chances are slim you’ll need to pay any such fees.

At Datalign, we recognize the importance of staying up-to-date on local inheritance laws before inheriting assets. A RamseyTrusted financial advisor can help guide you through any complex questions, so get connected today by searching Datalign for advisors near you!

Taxes on Exchange-Traded Funds

Gold can be an essential addition to any investment portfolio, as its value often holds steady more reliably than other investments. Many investors purchase physical gold coins and bars as an insurance against inflation or geopolitical instability; there are also exchange-traded funds (ETFs) which enable easy trading of bullion. Unfortunately, ETFs tend to incur more taxes than their individual counterparts due to dealer markups, storage fees, management costs, trading fees, etc.

No matter the method of acquisition, the IRS will tax any profits at capital gains rates based on how long an investor holds their asset. But careful planning can significantly lower this tax liability. Investors should keep accurate records and consult a tax professional prior to investing. Looking for more information about how gold could help reach your financial goals? Contact one of our credit counselors now for a complimentary consultation session!

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