Can You Have an IRA and a Crypto IRA?

Can you have an IRA and a crypto IRA

Cryptocurrencies offer an exciting new way to diversify your retirement portfolio, but there are a few key points you need to remember before investing.

First step to creating a Bitcoin IRA is finding a custodian. These companies provide services like secure storage and customer care while charging only minimal one-time fees and custodial costs.


Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies used for purchasing goods and services online. While their unique properties make them more volatile than traditional financial products, paired with an appropriate investment strategy they can yield substantial returns.

As part of your crypto IRA investment, it’s important to be mindful of any taxes applicable. Since Bitcoin is treated by the IRS as property, any gains earned will be subject to taxes just like other assets. Furthermore, keep track of transaction fees and any charges from intermediaries who charge fees.

A cryptocurrency IRA allows you to invest in Bitcoin and other digital currencies; however, it’s best to avoid investing in those with large price fluctuations, as they can have adverse impacts on your retirement account. Instead, look for companies offering safe platforms with diverse investment options.


A cryptocurrency IRA is similar to traditional IRAs in that they’re designed for cryptocurrency investments, but with three key differences: custodian, exchange and wallet. Custodians serve as financial institutions that safeguard your IRA assets while exchanges offer cryptocurrency trading platforms; wallets serve as software or physical devices which store them and prevent theft.

Cryptocurrencies can be highly unpredictable, making diversification essential. A single bad press day could send the price of any particular coin plunging dramatically; however, an appropriately balanced crypto investment portfolio should remain unaffected by such incidents.

An individual retirement account (IRA) can be an excellent way to invest in cryptocurrency, but you should be wary of its inherent risks. To ensure maximum safety for your investments and ensure peace of mind for yourself and the provider you select, opt for one with secure custody services and at least $100 million end-to-end insurance policy coverage; this way you can be certain your cryptocurrency assets will remain safe.


Cryptocurrencies can be highly unpredictable, which makes diversifying your retirement portfolio with both traditional and alternative investments imperative. A crypto IRA provides this option; however, you must thoroughly research both your chosen IRA provider and crypto assets prior to investing – for instance a Bitcoin IRA must include secure online wallets meeting IRS regulations as well as not being covered by SIPC so if a provider goes bankrupt you could lose all your savings.

Unchained provides solutions for the custody challenges associated with cryptocurrency investing. Opening an account with them is straightforward and secure; they hold your crypto assets together with its private keys in joint custody for collaborative custody. They offer various hardware wallet options as well as Concierge Onboarding to provide personalized assistance with setting up your IRA account. And with their $100 million end-to-end insurance policy protecting customer funds during transfers and storage.


Cryptocurrencies are an emerging asset class and present an attractive option for diversifying an investor’s retirement portfolio. Yet they come with their own risks and volatility, often being subject to significant price swings that could compromise an individual’s savings plans and goals.

Now, many custodians and companies provide services that enable investors to add cryptocurrency investments to their IRAs. These firms can provide a wide array of alternative assets – such as cryptocurrency – as well as help you choose an optimal investment strategy.

Bitcoin IRA is one such company offering both traditional and Roth IRAs, giving you access to a range of cryptocurrency options and self-directed trading. Plus, its low fee structure and minimum investment requirements help protect clients’ assets – though keep in mind that some pricing/valuation information provided on its website may not be reliable.

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