Can You Have an IRA and a Crypto IRA?

Can you have an IRA and a crypto IRA

Many IRA investors recognize the advantages of including cryptocurrency holdings in their retirement portfolio. Cryptocurrency provides diversification as well as potential gains over decades.

But there are distinct differences between crypto IRAs and traditional accounts, including fees and security features. Selecting the ideal cryptocurrency IRA provider could save both time and money while giving you peace of mind.


Although investing in crypto may seem counterintuitive, an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) provides investors with tax-deferred growth and access to a more flexible investing platform. However, custodians must be adequately equipped to handle cryptocurrency investments’ special security requirements; otherwise fees could exceed what traditional providers charge for similar services.

Federal income tax purposes consider cryptocurrency property, meaning it must abide by the same rules as stocks or real estate. According to IRS Notice 2014-21, virtual currencies should be reported similarly when filing your tax returns.

SEP IRAs offer another cryptocurrency-investing IRA option, designed specifically to assist small businesses and self-employed individuals save for retirement. Annual contributions are flexible while investment, distribution, and rollover rules mirror those of a Traditional IRA – plus employees have 100% vested equity in their SEP IRA funds compared with only 10% for some other forms of retirement accounts.


Some IRA providers offer cryptocurrency IRAs, but it’s essential to find one with expertise in crypto investments. The IRS imposes stringent rules regarding which assets may be traded within an IRA and prohibited transactions must be avoided at all costs – these could include selling personal property into it, lending money directly from outside sources to it or using funds directly for personal purchases.

One of the top Bitcoin IRA providers is BitIRA, offering security for digital assets through unlimited insurance coverage and cold storage wallets. Furthermore, clients can trade 17 different cryptocurrencies with up to 90% lower fees compared to other custodians; fees from BitIRA’s custodial services are up to 90% less expensive. Plus, their IRA accounts are offered through brokerage firms like SoFi Invest and Interactive Brokers with fiduciary responsibilities for these accounts; it is important that one reviews any trustee agreement carefully prior to opening an account with them!


Cryptocurrency valuations fluctuate, making cryptocurrency risky to include in retirement savings plans. Furthermore, many bitcoin IRA providers are relatively new and lack experience or track records to show. Investors should also keep an eye out for regulatory developments or other digital assets which might compete against their holdings.

When selecting a custodian for a cryptocurrency-based IRA, ensure they prioritize security measures. Reputable providers offer secure storage, multi-factor authentication and insurance policies to protect your digital assets. Also look out for low fees; Swan offers best-in-class buy and sell transactions as well as transparent monthly management fees which are calculated outside your IRA balance – this helps prevent overinflated fees that can quickly diminish investment returns.


An Individual Retirement Account or Crypto IRA can be an ideal investment vehicle for cryptocurrency enthusiasts hoping to capitalize on future price appreciation. Before proceeding with such a strategy in any jurisdiction, however, it’s advisable to speak to a tax professional familiar with local regulations and rules for guidance.

Self-directed IRAs provide cryptocurrency investors with an ideal means of aligning their investments with their financial goals, while still being secure from theft or loss. When selecting your custodian it is vitally important that they have a proven history of providing safe storage.

Additionally, when selecting a custodian service provider, make sure they are licensed and regulated by a federal agency. In addition to secure storage solutions such as cold storage, they should also offer educational materials and customer support; answering any inquiries that arise about cryptocurrencies; as well as being knowledgeable enough to offer support on any questions about them that arise. It’s also important to remember that cryptocurrency assets do not represent real assets or businesses and so market fluctuations may cause unexpected effects in terms of price swings.

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