Can You Hold Physical Gold in an IRA?

Can you hold physical gold in an IRA

Gold has long been recognized for its ability to protect wealth against inflation and maintain long-term value. Although most IRA providers only offer paper assets such as exchange-traded funds or mutual funds that invest in gold mining companies, a self-directed IRA allows you to hold physical precious metals within an IRA account.

Self-Directed IRAs

Investors seeking to add physical gold investments into an IRA should seek a precious metals IRA specialist that can manage all paperwork and investments for them. Noble Gold provides a range of investment options and exceptional customer service including phone support and online chat support; their price-match guarantee covers prices at other firms as well as educational material about investing in gold. Other notable firms that specialize in gold IRAs include Lear Capital, GoldCo, and Red Rock Secured.

Investors looking for alternatives to coins or bullion in their IRA should also consider precious metals ETFs and mining stocks based on real assets stored safely, although this approach tends to be less efficient and may not provide adequate liquidity if there is an international crisis. An LLC could also purchase and store precious metals on behalf of an investor.


Goldstar Trust in Canyon is one such custodian approved by federal and/or state authorities to store physical bullion for IRA investors, though there may also be others such as banks or credit unions available as storage solutions. Others provide asset custody services through metal dealers without choosing them themselves; investors should seek out companies with transparent track records and customer testimonials when choosing an IRA company to house their holdings.

Physical gold IRAs offer tax benefits, yet can be more costly than mainstream IRAs in terms of fees and expenses. A one-time account setup fee, annual account maintenance fees, seller’s fees (markups on spot price of gold), storage fees and cash-out costs all add up quickly; investing in gold IRAs should therefore be seen as long-term bet. You could opt to invest instead in precious metal exchange-traded funds (ETFs); however these don’t offer dividends or tax-advantaged growth like traditional IRAs do.


Gold and other precious metals can be powerful investments during times of financial uncertainty, providing a natural hedge against inflation and market fluctuations. But they may not be the optimal way to diversify your retirement portfolio.

An ETF investment may be your best choice as these funds are easier to manage and can be sold off at any time, though you will not get the same tax advantages of physical metals IRAs.

For optimal results when adding physical gold to an IRA, it’s wise to work with an IRA specialist. They will handle all paperwork required and assist with purchasing IRS-approved metals that conform with IRS requirements.

When choosing a precious metals IRA company, make sure they offer reliable customer service and an outstanding educational resource library such as US Money Reserve’s. Other good choices are Goldco and Red Rock Secured.


Anyone seeking to diversify their retirement portfolio can use an existing traditional or Roth IRA, 401(k), SEP-IRA, or Self-Directed Gold IRA account and roll it into a Self-Directed Gold IRA. This allows the account holder to invest in physical gold coins and bars as well as various metals and paper investments related to gold like mutual funds, ETFs or mining stocks.

Gold IRAs provide investors with lower account fees and greater control than conventional retirement accounts that only permit investors to invest in stocks, bonds and other traditional assets. But this method also lacks tax-advantaged growth potential as gold IRAs do not pay dividends but focus on “buy and hold” strategies instead.

For safest and easiest investing of precious metals assets, it is ideal to work with a dealer specializing in IRA-eligible bullion and other metals. Some firms provide commingled storage where your gold will be kept with other investors’ gold; other firms provide allocated storage where yours will remain separate from others’ metals.

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