Can You Hold Physical Gold in an IRA?

Can you hold physical gold in an IRA

Gold can serve as an effective hedge against inflation, yet does not produce income over time like stocks and bonds do. Furthermore, storage and insurance costs can incur substantial additional expenses.

Investment of precious metals via an IRA requires meticulous research. You should seek information regarding annual fees, storage and insurance charges to avoid unexpected surprises later.


Gold investments fall under the same tax laws as any IRA investment; IRS taxes gains at your ordinary income rate and any unused contributions can be carried over into future years. Unfortunately, however, physical gold may not be stored at home – nor should you try!

To avoid this situation, it is recommended that you hire a custodian who will store the precious metal safely within its vault and has an established history of security and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the fees must be clearly set forth and transparent.

Investors looking to diversify their retirement accounts with gold can invest in gold-related stocks or mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETF). While these types of investments are cheaper than investing in physical gold, they do not provide the added protection from theft that physical gold does; additionally, these may incur storage fees; in addition, early withdrawal penalties of 10% could apply if money is taken before age 59 and a half is reached.


An IRS-approved depository must store gold IRAs to comply with IRS rules and protect precious metal investments, providing direct access to your investment while offering added security and insurance protection not available at home. Depositories also offer competitive annual fees compared to storing physical gold at home.

If you try to store physical gold at home, the IRS could view this as a distribution and tax it accordingly – jeopardizing any tax advantages gained by investing in a gold IRA.

However, you can avoid this hassle by choosing a gold IRA provider with IRS-approved storage options for your precious metals – like iTrustCapital! These providers have low annual fees and secure storage facilities – plus offer real-time digital access to your account!


Physical gold investments or Gold IRAs may not be right for everyone; however, they can be suitable for some based on individual investment limitations and goals. A reliable gold IRA company will assist investors with setting up and funding their account, connecting to an IRS-approved depository as well as charging annual storage and insurance fees to protect precious metals stored with them.

Precious metals provide diversification and may help protect against inflation and market volatility, but their limited liquidity makes selling difficult in times of emergency. Furthermore, precious metals do not generate dividends or yields to help build wealth through compound interest.

Physical gold comes in various forms, such as coins, rounds and bars. While certain forms are IRS-eligible IRA-qualified precious metal investments, investors should take care when selecting one for themselves.


Physical gold and silver do not pay dividends or generate interest income like stocks or mutual funds do, making them ideal investments for retirement accounts (IRAs). Before diving in headfirst into precious metal investments it’s essential to assess how much exposure they will add to your retirement portfolio.

Investors with gold IRAs should select their custodian carefully. Most IRA custodians charge annual fees as well as one-time setup and storage costs, though some companies provide lower annual fees with clear charges.

Liquidity should also be an important consideration. Most traditional IRAs require investors to start withdrawing distributions by age 72 in order to avoid penalties; due to metals’ limited liquidness, you may find it challenging to sell your gold before you must take RMDs or face penalties.

Keep in mind that precious metals must be stored at an IRS-approved depository; otherwise, the IRS will treat this act of storage as withdrawal and tax you accordingly.

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