Can You Invest in Gold in the Thrift Savings Plan?

Gold does not bring any financial dividends. Storing and insuring physical precious metals incur fees.

Dependent upon your circumstances, it may be possible to transfer TSP funds into a self-directed IRA that invests in physical gold bullion. This process entails selecting a reliable dealer and opening a new account.

How to Invest in Gold

Gold investments can serve as a safe haven asset class to mitigate retirement portfolio risk, yet it’s crucial that investors understand its associated costs before including it in their portfolios.

One approach for investing in gold can be achieved via direct rollover from a Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) into an individual retirement account (SDIRA). This method avoids taxes and penalties by sending funds directly from TSP custodian to SDIRA provider.

This process also offers greater investment options; your SDIRA allows for greater versatility when choosing what to invest in. As opposed to stocks or bonds, precious metals have shown consistent price growth for millennia – providing diversification against market crashes and inflation; in fact, many experts recommend allocating up to 10% of portfolio allocation towards precious metals.

What is a Gold IRA?

Gold IRAs are unique retirement accounts that enable users to invest in physical precious metals such as coins and bars, usually managed by administrators who specialize in alternative investments that have been approved by the Internal Revenue Service to handle such assets.

Gold IRAs provide tax advantages over traditional IRAs. Your contributions won’t count towards your taxable income until retirement age and withdrawals begin being taken from it.

One key point to keep in mind when making a Gold IRA rollover from a TSP is that there are certain procedures you must abide by and consult with an advisor beforehand. Another crucial consideration is the 60-day rollover window which exists for rollovers; failing which, the IRS could treat your transfer as withdrawal and subject you to income taxes as well as early withdrawal penalties.

Rolling Over Your TSP to a Gold IRA

Are You Retiring Soon or Looking Forward to Retirement? Diversifying Your Savings with Physical Precious Metals If you are retiring soon or soon-to-retire, investing in physical precious metals should be part of your retirement savings portfolio. Precious metals have historically served as an insurance against financial crises compared to stocks and bonds; however, unlike physical gold bullion it cannot be purchased directly through Thrift Savings Plan (TSP); instead TSP participants can invest indirectly by purchasing shares of gold mining companies or mutual funds that track gold mining companies performance.

Avoid these restrictions by rolling over your TSP into a self-directed Gold IRA. Once complete, you’ll be able to select from an extensive range of investment opportunities – and even buy physical gold coins and bars as inflation protection for future retirement savings.

When selecting a Gold IRA company, look for one with transparent pricing, fair returns policies, high-quality products and free gold kits and investor guides – as well as an experienced team to guide the way through this process.


Gold IRAs provide TSP participants with an effective means to diversify their retirement portfolio with precious metals; however, like any investment vehicle they carry some risk.

Gold investments pose the main risk of not providing any return, unlike bonds or stocks which generate dividends; rather than yielding income-generating yields, its value fluctuates based on supply and demand.

Another risk associated with physical precious metals investment is their fluctuating prices, but this risk can be reduced when rolling over your TSP into an IRA custodian that specializes in physical precious metals storage, insurance, and purchasing coins, bars and bullion for your account.

Prior to rolling over your TSP, always consult a qualified investment professional. SmartVestor offers free services that connect you with pre-screened investment professionals.

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