Can You Keep Gold in a Bank Safety Deposit Box?

Can you keep gold in a bank safety deposit box

Investors typically store their bullion bars and coins at bank safe deposit boxes, renting for an affordable annual rental with top level security features.

However, this form of storage does have its downsides; one being that your metals can only be accessed during bank hours.


Bullion can be stored either at home or rented from a locker facility. These safe containers range in size and typically rent for several hundred dollars annually; many bank vaults provide this kind of secure environment, providing various layers of protection but without FDIC coverage.

Before choosing to store their precious metals at home, it’s essential to carefully consider all aspects of this option, including safety, access, cost and potential burglary risk. Storing gold at home may pose significant danger if thieves know it is there – this option should only be considered after considering all possible outcomes and outcomes.

Home storage of gold can be costly, with homeowners needing to invest in security equipment and pay insurance premiums. By contrast, using a vault provides collectors and investors with more cost-effective storage of their precious metals that also allows for quick resale when it’s time.


Safe deposit boxes offer extra protection for precious metals, particularly if you rent class II vaults – those found within standard vaults that provide additional layers of security – ideal for high-value items like gold. Furthermore, double locking measures in most boxes safeguard it against natural disasters like fire and flooding.

However, bank safety deposit boxes have various drawbacks, including limited access (banks have specific operating hours that must be observed before accessing their box), fees and insurance costs.

Professional storage facilities provide higher levels of security than traditional safety deposit boxes, including biometric scanning and surveillance cameras, armored transport, 24/7 monitoring, as well as insurance with tamper-proof keys for added peace of mind and quick asset access when selling them off. They’re an ideal way to store precious metals.


Storage of precious metals should always be top of mind when purchasing them, whether at home, in a bank safety deposit box, or using a secure gold storage locker. Each option offers different advantages and disadvantages.

Safety deposit boxes offer convenient storage solutions for gold investments and other valuables, but banks usually charge fees and only permit limited access during business hours – which could make withdrawing your assets when necessary more challenging.

One disadvantage of storing precious metals at home is being responsible for the insurance costs if an accident or natural disaster damages your gold. Homeowner’s policies often do not cover its sentimental or collector value. Luckily, professional gold storage providers offer alternatives by using private vaults with CCTV surveillance, motion sensors, top-tier door locks and biometric scanners – mitigating these risks effectively.


Bank safe deposit boxes typically cost money annually. Furthermore, their capacity may be limited and you must arrange access during their business hours – both of which make this method expensive and inconvenient for those storing an abundance of precious metals.

According to The New York Times, banks are not legally required to compensate customers whose safety deposit boxes have been stolen; you will therefore need additional insurance in order to cover these potential thefts – an extra purchase that can significantly add onto storage costs.

Due to low annual costs and convenient access, many opt to store gold and silver bullion at home instead. While this provides lower annual costs and instant access, security should always be prioritized; an ideal vault with high protection and insurance would provide greater peace of mind than keeping it at home; GOLD AVENUE provides free storage with guaranteed instant resale capabilities.

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