Can You Open a Roth IRA With $1000?

Roth IRA accounts can be opened with any financial institution or brokerage firm. When selecting the firm that you will open it with, make sure they offer competitive trade commission rates as well as minimal investment fees (sometimes known as expense ratios).

Consider opening a Roth IRA to reduce your taxable income, shelter income from taxes, and enjoy tax-free withdrawals in retirement. SmartAsset’s free tool connects you with advisors in your area who have been pre-vetted.

Minimum Deposit Requirements

Contributing to a Roth IRA depends on a range of factors, including your annual earnings and any applicable contribution limits. If your total annual earnings surpass $138,000 single or $218,000 joint, making contributions may no longer be possible; to help figure your limits more accurately, use the IRS Roth IRA Contribution Calculator on its website.

Roth IRAs can be useful tools for those expecting to fall into higher tax brackets upon retiring, since withdrawals typically are tax-free. You can open one with almost any financial institution offering brokerage or banking accounts; those offering low fees, no minimums and a wide range of investments tend to offer the best options.

Ally Invest offers a Roth IRA that is perfect for beginners looking to start investing without incurring minimum investments or trading commissions; other popular brokers include TD Ameritrade, Fidelity and Wealthfront; or you could open your IRA through Betterment or Wealthfront which offer automated investment advice.

Brokerage Accounts

Many brokerage firms can assist you in opening a Roth IRA. Some of the top firms provide retirement planning tools, customer service and reasonable account fees; in addition to offering low-cost investments and IRA accounts like Fidelity’s Go Roth IRA plan with no minimum deposit requirement and allows savers to select their own investments (with an advisory fee incurred if professional money management services are desired).

Robo-advisors provide new investors with another solution for all of their investing needs, using algorithms to construct and manage portfolios according to your goals and risk tolerance. In contrast to brokerage firms, however, robo-advisors typically charge low or no account fees while only having minimum deposit requirements when choosing investments from their list – offering stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in many instances.


Betterment offers Roth IRAs through both traditional investment firms and some robo-advisors, like offering several target-date retirement funds and expert guidance at an annual subscription fee. Furthermore, Betterment’s savings calculator tool makes determining your yearly contribution easier while not exceeding IRS limits.

Fees charged by robo-advisors will depend on which model you choose; most have low management and transaction costs. Some of the more cost-effective advisors include Wealthfront (requiring no minimum deposit and using automated index investing to manage client accounts); Ellevest (developed specifically to address pay gaps, career breaks and longer life expectancies); SigFig (has low fees with portfolio-specific minimums);

Other robo-advisors boast unique features, like Plum using artificial intelligence (AI) to boost savings, Moneyfarm providing auto round-up on linked bank accounts and Nutmeg providing an expansive list of low-cost investments. What really matters to users of robo-advisors are competitive prices, an intuitive app and seamless service from investigation to implementation.

Where to Open an Account

Selecting an account suited for your needs and goals depends on several factors, including fees, contribution limits, investing options and more.

Once you’ve decided how you want to manage your IRA, the next step will be deciding how best to do it. Some individuals opt for fee-only financial planning or independent advice when making their decisions; other rely on free or paid guidance from their account holder company.

Banks and brokerages will offer you a variety of investment opportunities, such as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), certificates of deposit (CDs) and stocks. A self-directed IRA also opens up new possibilities; look for providers with reasonable minimum deposit requirements and reasonable account fees, investment tools such as retirement calculators, goal setting features and customer service available online – and don’t forget the importance of selecting online brokers with low expense ratios and no account management fees for optimal results!

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