Can You Physically Hold Gold in an IRA?

Can you physically hold gold in an IRA

Physical gold investments are an attractive way to diversify retirement savings, but you should only choose a reliable gold IRA company with custodians and storage options that comply with IRS regulations.

Lear Capital stands out as a top-rated firm that provides price match guarantee, storage space and other amenities. Oxford Gold Group and Red Rock Secured both boast A+ ratings with the Better Business Bureau for additional benefits.


When investing physical gold into an IRA, selecting a trustworthy partner is essential. Make sure they offer multiple investment products tailored specifically for you as well as possess all necessary licenses and registrations as well as insurance coverage.

An effective precious metals IRA provider won’t use high-pressure sales tactics such as excessive free silver giveaways. Instead, they should offer transparent fees arrangements and ensure customers receive exceptional service.

A precious metals IRA is an individual retirement account that enables investors to invest in precious metals such as physical gold. Like traditional IRAs, precious metals IRAs can be established either pretax or after-tax dollars; gains on assets held within it are taxed at normal IRA rates; however distributions before age 59 1/2 incur an early distribution penalty of 10%.


Although it might be tempting, according to IRS regulations precious metals must only be stored with a custodian or trustee and should never be kept in your personal safe or security deposit box. Doing otherwise would violate law and may incur a 10% penalty penalty from your retirement fund administrator.

To avoid this scenario, your IRA custodian will purchase precious metals and store them at an IRS-approved depository facility that offers armed security, insurance and ongoing monitoring. Selecting such an IRA depository demonstrates compliance with IRS requirements while showing tax authorities you followed an established path.

When selecting a company to partner with, look for one with an established track record and satisfied clients. Goldco is well known for their white-glove service, seamless investment process and buyback policy as well as their partnership with storage facilities for seamless shipment and storage of investments.


Gold prices can fluctuate considerably, making investing in physical precious metals difficult for those needing to liquidate assets quickly or due to RMDs. Furthermore, theft is always a risk and physical precious metals lack as much diversification potential as investing through stocks or ETFs tracking a precious metal index.

Physical IRAs require the services of a custodian that specializes in managing precious metals and storing them securely at an IRS-approved depository. Setup fees, management charges, storage fees, seller markups (the added markup added onto spot price gold by sellers to increase profit), insurance fees and cash-out costs tend to be higher than in other retirement accounts – these costs can quickly add up if investing large sums or selling your gold for any reason.


Add precious metals to your retirement portfolio as a hedge against inflation and to help increase savings for retirement. Diversifying it also helps smooth out volatility and can potentially limit losses should stocks decline.

Gold IRAs can be opened under traditional, Roth or SEP IRAs; mainstream brokerages typically do not provide SDIRA accounts dedicated to physical assets like gold. Instead, an investor can purchase gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or mutual funds holding shares of gold mining companies – held with an outside custodian who may charge storage fees.

While owning physical gold in an IRA has its advantages, it’s essential to understand its limitations and risks associated with this retirement investment vehicle. These may include:

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