Can You Put Gold in an IRA?

Can you put physical gold in an IRA

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) can be an effective tool for protecting wealth and building long-term asset growth. Not only can these investments offer tax advantages that many other investments don’t, they may even be more advantageous!

However, not all IRAs allow physical precious metals. If you want to invest in physical precious metals such as gold bars and coins, a self-directed IRA would be your best bet.

What is an IRA?

Individual retirement accounts, or IRAs, provide tax-advantaged savings accounts designed for retirement. The IRS outlines rules regarding which assets can be held within an IRA as well as when distributions will begin.

An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, can be funded using pre-tax or after-tax funds. For investing in gold specifically, self-directed IRAs (sometimes referred to as precious metals IRAs ) provide the perfect vehicle.

With a physical gold IRA, you have the flexibility to invest your funds directly in precious metals instead of stocks, bonds, mutual funds or exchange-traded funds tracking gold indexes. However, you must adhere to IRS rules or risk penalties and fines. In addition, finding a trustworthy precious metals IRA company to set up and invest on your behalf can save time, money and hassle as it helps ensure you purchase only top quality physical gold for your IRA investment. A top rated firm should offer features like price match guarantees 24 hour risk free buying windows 24 hour risk free buying window as well as online portfolio tracking capabilities – giving you peace of mind while helping ensure you find top quality physical gold for investment into an IRA investment account setup process managed by them – can save time money hassle as well as guarantee price-match guarantees offered by top rated firms will offer price match guarantees, price match guarantees price-match guarantees with 24 hour risk free buying window and online portfolio tracking capabilities to make investing in precious metals much simpler!


Gold in an IRA can provide diversification to your retirement savings portfolio, protect against inflation, and ultimately grow wealth over time. However, to do this properly and avoid hidden fees when storing physical metals within an IRA.

Work with a precious metals company that offers full IRA services for optimal results. Their expert staff can guide you in purchasing physical gold bullion coins or bars that satisfy IRS regulations as well as your investment parameters.

Lear Capital provides an impressive selection of gold IRA investments with numerous valuable features such as price match guarantees that consider lower prices from other sellers, 24-hour risk-free periods to consider your purchase, superior customer service, an A rating from Better Business Bureau, and Trustpilot scores that speak for themselves.


Self-directed IRAs (often referred to as gold IRAs) allow direct investments in physical precious metals. Traditional, Roth, and SEP IRAs do not permit these direct investments; however, self-directed IRAs (sometimes referred to as gold IRAs ) do. Self-directed IRAs provide investors with greater control of their own assets while investing in alternative investments like real estate and precious metals.

Gold IRAs may seem like an easy and straightforward way to diversify your portfolio with tangible assets, but you must first understand all associated fees before moving forward with this type of investment. These costs may include one-time account setup fees, annual custodian fees, selling costs (ie: markup charged by metals dealers), storage and insurance costs. Unfortunately, many companies that provide gold IRAs don’t always disclose all their charges openly so determining exactly how much each one charges may require some legwork on your part.


Investors looking to store physical gold within an IRA must find an approved depository which offers storage services, usually at an annual fee and with insurance included as an investment option.

Some IRA gold providers may charge one-time account setup and maintenance fees as well as seller markup fees (which vary based on product sold) as additional charges. It is wise to select an IRA gold provider with an established track record of transparent fees.

Investing physical gold through an IRA is legal, but must adhere to strict rules. A precious metals IRA specialist can save time, energy and headaches as they’ll handle all paperwork while meeting all IRS requirements – they may even help source the best physical assets according to your parameters.

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