Can You Store Gold IRA at Home?

Gold held within an IRA is intended to be stored at an IRS-approved depository; any violations can lead to fines and penalties being levied against you.

To avoid this scenario, invest in a reliable Gold IRA provider who offers secure storage of precious metals for your retirement account. Below you can learn about different storage options for a Gold IRA.


If you plan to invest in precious metals through a self-directed individual retirement account, the IRS requires that the physical metals be stored at an approved depository. Contrary to what many gold IRA companies may claim, storage at home isn’t accepted as an acceptable solution for IRA-approved metals.

There are no loopholes in the tax code to allow you to bypass this obligation, and even if there were, penalties for noncompliance would be severe. Therefore, it’s essential that when choosing home storage for your gold IRA account that you know exactly what’s at stake.

Individuals who opt to store their precious metals at home may be unaware of the risks involved with doing so and run the risk of incurring distribution penalties when subjected to an IRS audit of their IRA account. To reduce these risks and mitigate your exposure, Goldco offers secure storage solutions which can mitigate these risks.


Gold IRAs are an attractive investment choice for many Americans, yet the IRS imposes stringent storage guidelines when it comes to precious metals in an IRA account. For instance, they require that eligible assets for an IRA are held by an authorized trustee or custodian such as a bank, federally insured credit union, savings and loan association or another approved by the IRS.

Augusta Precious Metals stands out among reputable Gold IRA providers with stellar reviews on Yelp, TrustLink and Google; additionally offering secure storage facilities.

Failing to follow IRS rules regarding home storage of a Gold IRA may carry serious repercussions, including taxation of distributions. Therefore, it’s crucial that prospective self-directed retirement accounts with physical precious metals understand these penalties before choosing their retirement vehicle containing physical precious metals IRA dealers for further details.


Gold IRAs attract many investors as they provide tangible investments that are easily accessible, offering peace of mind in times of economic instability.

However, according to IRS rules precious metals held within an IRA must be stored with one of a bank, federally insured credit union, savings and loan association, or another approved entity as trustee or custodian – anyone selling home storage gold IRAs is misrepresenting these rules and should refrain from selling such products.

Home storage gold IRAs may not be illegal, but it isn’t recommended for most investors. Home gold storage IRAs can be more challenging to manage than traditional or Roth IRAs and may incur higher fees; moreover, theft risks exist with this form of precious metal investment as well as risk from fire or natural disaster destruction.


Even as attractive advertisements may make home storage gold IRAs seem, it is wise to conduct thorough research before investing. IRAs differ significantly from traditional investments like bonds in terms of requirements that must be met in order to comply with IRS regulations and must meet those standards in order to stay compliant.

IRS guidelines stipulate that precious metals stored in an IRA must be held at an approved depository – this requirement cannot be fulfilled at home and most reputable companies offering this type of IRA do not assume liability for compliance issues and penalties related to failing to adhere to IRS guidelines.

Due to these considerations, investing in a home storage gold IRA is not recommended. Instead, opt for a legitimate provider who stores your gold in an IRS-approved depository – this will not only ensure compliance with IRS guidelines but also help safeguard against theft of your investment.

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