Does Warren Buffett Invest in Precious Metals?

Warren Buffett has long disparaged gold, so his recent foray into it by buying shares in one of the world’s leading miners seems at first to contradict his basic value-investing philosophy. Yet this show that Buffett has not completely abandoned gold.

He simply believes that silver has more tangible uses than gold does and bets that this investment will outshone the market.


It was an unexpected reversal for the Oracle of Omaha, who has long expressed disdain for gold as an investment vehicle. According to him, value lies within utility, while gold offers none whatsoever.

Berkshire Hathaway made headlines last quarter when it disclosed a small holding of about one percent in Barrick Gold Corp, one of the world’s biggest gold producers. They purchased $563.6 million worth of shares from this giant.

Buffett didn’t go into much depth on his rationale for buying gold miners in his letter to shareholders, but did provide some comments as to why this decision might be smart. According to Buffett, investing in productive assets such as gold miner stocks serves as an important reminder about wealth building.


Silver is an industrial metal that serves many different applications. As an antimicrobial and non-toxic material, silver can be found in medical equipment, cameras and electronics – as well as meeting Buffett’s requirement that investments must have tangible values that can be recognized easily.

Some critics have taken aim at Warren Buffett’s purchase of 130 million ounces of silver over the past six months, saying his buying will cause prices to go up for all investors. These critics seem unaware that Buffett is known for long-term investing – so his investments won’t change with every $2, $3 or $4 market shift.

Buffett may not have personally ordered his Berkshire Hathaway investment vehicle to make its recent surge of silver mining stocks purchases, but Berkshire Hathaway did acquire a significant stake in Barrick Gold – one of his two henchman could have likely made the call; Barrick stock has seen remarkable gains of 46% year-to-date eclipsing even gold bullion’s impressive bull run this year.


Platinum is an extremely rare, silvery metal that is widely used across various industrial applications and jewellery making.

Aluminium is resistant to tarnishing and corrosion, can be easily made into wire, and ranks among the densest and lustrous metals. Due to its stable nature and resistance to acids such as nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, yet reacts with fluorine at higher temperatures, making it one of the noble metals.

Physically speaking, platinum stands out among precious metals as being among the strongest. Due to its durability, platinum was once used as a standard against which to measure other materials such as the kilogram.

Platinum can be an effective way to diversify a precious metals portfolio, though its prices tend to be more volatile than gold and silver. Therefore, investing in platinum should only be undertaken by experienced investors willing to assume some risk.


Palladium (46 on the periodic table) is lighter and less dense than both gold and platinum, making it suitable for use as catalytic converter catalyst. Due to its rareness and industrial applications, palladium makes an attractive investment opportunity.

Strict emissions laws and expanding automotive markets have fuelled demand for palladium. Its ability to withstand fluctuating prices makes it a great alternative to gold and silver.

Similar to precious metals, palladium can provide an easy and efficient way to diversify your portfolio. ETFs that track palladium bullion such as Sprott Physical Platinum and Palladium Trust or Aberdeen Physical Palladium Shares make investing in palladium even simpler.

Metal investing requires long-term thinking and extensive research, especially when investing in palladium. Be mindful that price trends may shift quickly in this market as prices can shift rapidly; as with any investment decision it is wise to carefully assess risk tolerance as well as seek financial advice before proceeding with investments. BullionVault offers 1 gram palladium bars from industry leader Argor-Heraeus mint which are stored safely within an accredited vault with low commission, storage, and insurance fees compared to competing offerings on the market.

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