Glenn Beck Net Worth

Glenn Beck is an influential television and radio personality known for defending conservative ideals. He currently hosts his own show on Fox as well as writing numerous books.

Born in Everett, Washington and relocated with his family to Mount Vernon at an early age. While young, his mother died unexpectedly of apparent suicide due to a boating accident.

Glenn Beck’s Net Worth

Glenn Beck is an influential conservative political commentator and radio personality with an estimated net worth estimated to be $150 Million. He makes millions as a radio host while also venturing into other business ventures; among these are Mercury Radio Arts – parent company to TheBlaze network where his conservative viewpoints can be spread – Mercury Radio Arts founder/CEO Glenn founded, Mercury Radio Arts’ CEO position (which made the New York Times bestseller list in 2002 and 2007 respectively) as well as writing numerous bestsellers himself.

Glenn lives in Westlake, Texas in an impressive 9,000-square-foot mansion containing five bedrooms, nine bathrooms and an outdoor entertainment area on 3.5 acres of land. In addition to owning this impressive estate, he owns clothing line 1791 Supply & Co as well as subscription-based streaming video service The Blaze TV; additionally he has amassed an extensive collection of antique cars. In addition, Claire, their wife has supported numerous charitable causes. Together they helped relocate tens of thousands of refugees to safer locations both domestically and abroad as well as donate funds towards The Nazarene Fund which assists Christian families fleeing war-torn Syria/Iraq by contributing financially supporting various organizations such as 1791 Supply & Co and The Blaze TV; in addition to that they also donated money towards war relief efforts through Nazarene Fund which gives them tax benefits from being tax exempt on their donations tax exempt status!

Glenn Beck’s Salary

Glenn Beck reportedly makes approximately $20 Million per year through various pursuits and work. Radio show and television endeavors account for most of his earnings, with his online store and book sales also contributing significant earnings.

Philanthropic works have also contributed significantly to his notability and reputation. He has supported charities such as Huntsman Cancer Foundation, Special Operations Warrior Foundation and Mercury One.

TV and radio host has the Midas touch that turns anything he touches to gold, famous for his controversial remarks against former President Barack Obama as well as authoring best-selling books. Additionally, this man boasts an impressive portfolio of businesses and investments making him one of the richest people on Earth – in fact his net worth may only increase with time!

Glenn Beck’s Personal Life

Beck had long struggled with substance abuse before finally finding sobriety through Alcoholics Anonymous and later the Mormon church in the 1990s. They are credited for saving his life and helping him pursue radio as a career.

At 14, Beck won his first hour-long radio show at Bellingham, Washington radio station KZJY-FM. One year later, his mother passed away due to what Beck would later interpret as an act of suicide on a boating accident.

Once his mother died, Glenn moved in with his father and started working as a disc jockey. While working, he married his first wife and had one daughter named Mary before divorcing shortly thereafter due to drug addiction and mental health issues. While struggling, he met Tania in New Haven CT and married her in 1999; together they now have two children: Raphe Beck (son) and Cheyenne Beck (daughter). Tania works at Colonna Insurance Services while being involved with Light of Christ Community.

Glenn Beck’s Business

Beck is known for running an expansive network of websites and publishing conservative books, in addition to his radio show. An outspoken critic of Hollywood liberalism, Beck supports Iraq war efforts while opposing multiculturalism, PC rules, euthanasia and any overt homosexuality seen on TV or film.

Beck was devastated by an extended period of substance abuse that caused him to divorce his wife and become estranged from both their daughters, including one with cerebral palsy, as a result of this behavior. Once sober again, he started his new life as a radio host in Corpus Christi, Texas before later expanding into Baltimore, Houston Phoenix and Washington D.C. stations.

Insiders believe The Blaze is losing money, prompting Beck to cut costs by selling or giving away many perks of the business such as its 1966 DC-9 private jetliner – which cost a million dollars but can be prohibitively expensive to operate and fuel.

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