How Do I Add Gold to My IRA?

Have you done your research and are aware that investing in precious metals is a fantastic way to diversify your retirement portfolio? However, have you heard that IRAs don’t permit the ownership of collectibles such as gold?

And while that is certainly true, there are ways around this limitation; finding the appropriate company is key here.

Open a Self-Directed IRA

Gold and silver have long been seen as safe havens during economic crises, but they can also serve as part of a retirement portfolio’s diversification plan. A gold IRA allows investors to use pre-tax dollars for purchasing precious metals and alternative assets beyond traditional paper securities such as stocks and bonds.

To invest in physical gold, one needs to open a Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account (SDIRA). Most SDIRA custodians offer online applications or transfer features for new accounts or existing IRAs – and will typically have a list of approved precious metals, including bullion and coins that meet this criterion.

To protect the tax-advantaged status of your precious metals IRA investments, the IRS requires them to be stored in a depository under your account’s name. Many IRA custodians have relationships with such depositories and can recommend an ideal location; others may charge fees per transaction but will reimburse any costs paid if your precious metals remain unsold or transferred within 10 years from opening your account.

Find a Custodian

To maintain compliance with IRS regulations and protect the tax-deferred status of your gold IRA account, your self-directed retirement account must be held by an approved custodian. You can find one through an established gold IRA provider, or search online for one who accepts both precious metals IRA funds and precious metal IRA funds.

Your chosen custodian should possess the ability to store and insure your precious metals safely, says Sentell. In addition, they should offer multiple gold investment opportunities and deliver exceptional customer service.

A trustworthy gold IRA provider should have transparent fees on their website and make it easy to calculate what brokerage, maintenance fees, storage costs and markups you will owe when buying precious metals. Be wary of companies claiming they can get you cheaper gold prices; such claims often turn out to be false. Also avoid companies which advocate home storage of gold as this violates IRS regulations.

Purchase Physical Gold

Gold IRAs provide you with the potential to diversify your retirement portfolio with physical assets that can protect against economic downturns and currency devaluations, yet opening one does come at a cost; fees must be paid to both custodians and depository where metal will be stored or deposited.

Your options for investing include gold bullion coins and bars or purchasing collectibles crafted from other metals like silver and platinum. Whatever route you take, it is crucial that companies providing highly purified physical assets be your partner of choice.

A reliable company should also offer storage services backed by Delaware Depository and Brink’s Global Services, two IRS-approved facilities with insurance policies to cover your investments and eliminate counterparty risk. With such guarantees in place, investors can have peace of mind that their funds are secure.


Gold investments can be an effective way to diversify your retirement portfolio and safeguard savings against an economic downturn, but it’s crucial that investors understand all associated fees associated with purchasing physical precious metals for an IRA, and how withdrawals may be processed if necessary.

Reputable precious metals specialists understand the transfer process, working closely with your IRA custodian to ensure everything runs smoothly. Furthermore, they will connect you with safe depositories where your investments will be safely kept.

Be mindful that an IRA consisting of only precious metals isn’t well diversified, since gold is an asset class with no income-generating properties or yield. Therefore, any profit from your gold IRA may take time before becoming evident given that most gold prices rise less rapidly than stock markets in general. Ask the IRA custodian or depository to provide verification of licenses, registrations, insurance and bonding before placing your precious metals with them.

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