How Do I Buy Gold in My Retirement Account?

Gold investments are a good way to protect retirement savings against inflation. Before making a decision about investing in precious metal IRAs, however, you must carefully weigh all risks and benefits associated with them.

Purchase of physical gold into an IRA requires finding a custodian who can purchase and store it at a depository on your behalf, along with storage fees.


Many people invest in gold as part of their retirement savings strategy, but before investing in physical gold it’s essential to review both IRS rules and your custodian fees. According to IRS regulations all IRA-approved gold, silver and platinum should meet certain fineness standards before being stored at an approved depository facility rather than stored at home. Consult a fee-only financial advisor first before investing.

Utilizing a Self-Directed IRA allows you to invest in various assets, including precious metals. Finding an IRS-approved custodian, such as Madison Trust, who work closely with Delaware Depository Service Company on all trades to get you the best price is essential – they also have an easy six-step process, secure storage facility and seven day return policy and excellent customer ratings that is all rolled into one price compared to other online companies.


At this uncertain economic time, investors are searching for ways to diversify their retirement portfolios. One such safe-haven asset that may provide protection from inflation and market volatility is investing in gold.

To invest in physical gold, investors will first need to secure an approved custodian from the IRS. Once identified, this custodian will review your 401(k) to ensure it qualifies for rollover into a gold IRA; once confirmed as eligible by them, it will purchase and secure metals on behalf of you as the investor.

Investment in a gold IRA offers numerous benefits, so it is crucial that investors research the best companies. Each has different minimum investment amounts, fees and terms and conditions – it is also wise to become familiar with various coins available so as to get maximum return from their investments.

IRA custodians

If you own either a traditional or Roth individual retirement account, physical gold investment may be possible. To comply with IRS regulations and avoid additional storage fees, gold must be kept at an approved depository and bank rather than stored at home or safe deposit box. Failure to do this may incur fees that can add up substantially over time.

If possible, it is possible to avoid these charges by switching your IRA over to self-directed status, which offers greater investment choices – from gold-leveraged mutual funds or ETFs, to stocks from companies specializing in gold mining.

Other costs you should be aware of before investing include one-time account setup fees, annual maintenance fees and storage fees. Furthermore, only purchase precious metals from companies with excellent track records and clear websites regarding fees so as to make an informed decision when selecting precious metals for investment purposes.

IRA investment options

If you want to diversify your retirement portfolio with gold, a self-directed individual retirement account (IRA) might be an ideal solution. These accounts allow investors to purchase physical gold investments as well as alternative assets like crypto currency. Just be mindful that each IRA comes with specific IRS rules and regulations. Your financial advisor can be useful when dealing with these issues.

There are various fees involved with purchasing and holding gold in an IRA, such as one-time setup costs, annual account maintenance fees, seller’s fees, storage fees (payable to an approved depository), insurance premiums against theft or loss and cash-out fees when closing an account. All of these can quickly add up; also keep in mind that gold does not produce dividends or interest so generating any sort of return is hard even with long time horizons; for this reason it would be wiser to invest in assets with higher returns such as bonds or stocks instead.

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