How Do I Hold Gold in My IRA?

Your IRA allows you to hold physical precious metals such as gold coins or bullion as long as they meet certain rules. Storing them at home would constitute a distribution and trigger taxes as well as an early withdrawal penalty of 10%.

Instead of investing directly in these assets, a self-directed IRA Gold account should be opened. Please click below for more details about its usage.

Self-directed IRAs

If you want to invest in gold and silver coins or bullion through your retirement account, a self-directed IRA (SDIRA) could be just what you need. With an SDIRA you have greater flexibility to select investments than those available from a traditional custodian; however, be wary of any legal restrictions related to SDIRAs such as self-dealing prohibitions and dealing with disqualified persons that is detailed on the IRS website.

Gold is not an easily liquid asset, making long-term holding essential. Therefore, it is wise to find a metals dealer that provides segregated storage – this keeps your gold separate from any assets belonging to custodians or investors.

Always double-check information contained in your account statements for accuracy. As alternative investments tend to be illiquid, their values might differ from what was reported by their promoter.

Allocated storage

Gold IRAs are popular with people who fear currency collapse and believe owning physical metal is safer. Like other retirement accounts, these gold IRAs can be funded using pretax dollars; their growth will then be tax-deferred until retirement when withdrawals can be taken tax-free.

Gold investments may not be allowed in all IRAs. To open one specifically dedicated to gold investments, an account should be opened with a custodian who specializes in precious metals like silver and platinum as well.

Custodians must ensure the precious metals are stored safely away from your home or in a safe deposit box, for which some companies charge an extra fee. They may also add markup fees when selling coins, proofs, and bullion; which could add up quickly over time; therefore it is wise to conduct thorough research prior to opening an IRA account.

Segregated storage

Gold and other precious metals are popular retirement fund investments due to their historical track record of providing stability during economic downturns and inflation protection. Unfortunately, however, these precious metals don’t come without costs: Gold IRAs require fees such as storage and management charges that can quickly add up over time.

Gold IRAs are self-directed retirement accounts that enable investors to buy physical gold bullion with their retirement assets. The account is administered by a custodian, with precious metals stored at an IRS-approved depository. Most custodians charge an initial setup fee as well as annual charges related to transactions and assets held.

Gold IRAs require storage at an IRS-approved depository in order to safeguard them against theft, as home safe deposit boxes do not fall under homeowner’s insurance coverage. Furthermore, the depository charges an annual storage fee that may exceed that charged for other IRAs.


If you’re considering opening a Gold IRA, be sure to research both IRS rules and fees charged by custodians before making your decisions. Consult a financial advisor for guidance before making your selection – gold is known for maintaining its value even during times of political unrest; however it might not be suitable as part of your retirement portfolio.

People often believe they can store physical gold in an IRA, but according to tax code it is illegal. Gold is considered collectibles by the IRS and therefore not permitted within an IRA account; there are, however, exceptions such as bullion and coins which comply with IRA requirements.

The IRS mandates that precious metals be stored in an approved depository, usually a national depository or third-party trustee. While storage fees may add additional costs to your IRA’s overall ownership costs, keep in mind they’ll also need to pay taxes when they take distributions out.

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