How Do I Put My IRA Into Gold?

Gold IRA investments provide an alternative to stock market-based assets and may provide retirement accounts with greater diversification. They also serve as an effective buffer against inflation and can bolster portfolios during economic downturns.

Add precious metals to an IRA is simple, but be sure to work with a custodian who understands both industry and IRS regulations.


First step of rolling over an IRA into a gold IRA is selecting a reliable precious metals IRA company and custodian. Your precious metals IRA custodian will take care in purchasing and storing metals according to IRS regulations, providing ongoing investment guidance and support services as needed.

Opening your retirement account typically incurs an initial setup fee and/or ongoing charges, such as storage or insurance charges depending on which metals IRA company you select.

Rollovers can be completed either directly from your current retirement account, or indirectly via another IRA provider. In both instances, the new custodian will provide guidance throughout the process to ensure IRS compliance and make it as seamless as possible for you. Sometimes direct rollovers allow you to avoid penalties; you have 60 days from when funds were transferred into their new IRAs for this to happen.


Transferring between accounts that belong to the same type is only allowed between accounts that share similar characteristics, such as moving funds from one Roth IRA account to another or one Traditional IRA to another. You may also transfer between Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRA or Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE) IRA accounts at different institutions to Traditional IRA accounts held with one institution if possible; direct rollover transfers allow your existing IRA custodian directly write a check directly to the new provider without you taking possession first which could result in taxes due to being taxed twice on the transfer – best possible method!

Keep in mind that each year, only one IRA rollover can take place; therefore, you should carefully consider if it is worth your while to go through with the process. If unsure, alternative solutions might include backdoor Roth or consulting a robo-advisor to manage your retirement account.


As an alternative to a traditional retirement account, gold purchases can be directly made into a precious metals IRA with help from a trusted precious metals IRA company that will guide and ensure full compliance.

An experienced company can assist in selecting suitable metals and coins for your IRA and help select an IRS-approved depository, while also providing you with a list of reputable dealers selling high-quality gold and silver products. In some instances, fees may also be charged in order to establish your retirement account as well as markup on sales costs of metals sold within it.

Due to fees varying by company, it’s crucial that you conduct extensive research before selecting one as your custodian. When doing your research, look for those with excellent reputations, transparent fees and services offerings and outstanding customer care. Once established with one, once approved precious metal purchases can be shipped directly into their depository vault for safekeeping.


Gold IRAs can be an effective way to diversify your retirement portfolio and save for the future. To get started, locate a precious metals IRA company offering no questions asked refund policies and excellent customer service ratings; they’ll help complete all required paperwork and transfer your IRA funds into their new gold account. Once funded, select which coins and metals you would like purchased through your IRA custodian, making purchases.

Your precious metals will be delivered for safekeeping to an IRS-approved depository for storage, which specializes in safekeeping for self-directed IRAs and adheres to the highest standards for safety and insurance coverage.

Storage fees typically apply when renting gold IRA storage space; fees vary between companies but should be comparable to the annual costs you’d incur with any IRA account. To monitor your gold IRA investments more closely, ask whether they provide online dashboards that offer insight into investment performance.

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