How Do I Withdraw From a Gold IRA?

Gold IRAs are self-directed individual retirement accounts designed to allow investors to invest in physical precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium with tax-deferred investment growth potential as well as protection from currency devaluation.

Before investing in a gold IRA, there are a few essential facts you must keep in mind. These include:


A gold IRA allows you to diversify your retirement investment portfolio by investing in physical precious metals, providing a potential bulwark against market instability and providing peace of mind during retirement.

To open a gold IRA, it is necessary to work with an IRS-approved precious metals dealer who will assist in creating the account, transferring funds into it and verifying that any precious metals purchased comply with IRS regulations.

As well as charging a set-up and annual fee that depends on the initial contribution amount, these services may also charge for storage, shipping and insurance costs.

As with any IRA, inherited gold IRAs can be subject to RMDs, taxes and penalties, making it essential to educate yourself before investing. Understanding the rules and regulations will prevent costly surprises down the line; your gold IRA provider should offer educational resources to help explain it all if needed – otherwise look elsewhere for services.


Gold has long been recognized as a safe haven asset, often increasing in value when fiat currencies lose purchasing power. Nonetheless, this doesn’t make gold IRAs immune from market fluctuations or financial risks.

Gold IRAs must comply with IRS rules just like traditional retirement accounts do, to avoid paying penalties and taxes. To ease the process of setting up and managing gold IRAs successfully, work with an expert company who understands their intricacies – they can connect you with an authorized precious metals dealer/custodian that conforms with IRS standards and can assist with creating your IRA account.

Note that it’s important to take physical possession of the gold stored in your IRA after reaching age 59 1/2, and may incur a 10% withdrawal penalty before then; however, this penalty can be waived in certain situations such as medical expenses not reimbursed or purchasing your first home.


Gold IRA custodians usually require their customers to deposit funds before being allowed to withdraw any funds, as any distributions before reaching age 59 1/2 will incur both regular income tax rates and an early withdrawal penalty of 10% unless one of the IRS-approved exceptions apply.

To avoid this scenario, consider conducting a rollover with your precious metals IRA company of choice. A rollover involves moving existing retirement assets such as those held within an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or thrift savings plan into a new precious metals IRA account.

Your IRA company will handle the transfer as an institution-to-institution transfer, so your money never comes into direct contact with your hands. They may charge fees for these services but their rates should likely be more affordable than if you tried doing it on your own.


Gold IRAs are unique in that the precious metals they hold don’t reside with the dealer, but rather with an independent custodian who works to keep your assets separate from you in compliance with IRS regulations and avoid buying, holding and storing without proper authorization.

Gold IRAs come in several varieties: traditional pre-tax IRAs, Roth gold IRAs or SEP IRAs for self-employed workers or small business owners who qualify. Each account type offers different contribution limits and tax benefits depending on annual income but all follow similar distribution rules upon retirement.

Transferring your gold IRA into home storage puts it at risk of an IRS 10% early withdrawal penalty (unless over 59.5), in addition to paying taxes on distributions and losing tax-deferred status of your account. As an alternative, consider having it shipped out for annual storage fees between $100 – $300 at an approved depository.

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