How Do You Store Gold Overseas?

How do you store gold overseas

Keep gold and silver coins out of sight – not even under lock and key in your home or buried in your backyard – to protect against natural disasters, theft or forgetfulness. This type of storage could leave them vulnerable against both natural forces as well as theft from thieves.

Utilizing an offshore depository provides maximum protection, while still permitting for easy access when needed. But how should you select one to store your gold overseas?


Switzerland is the top choice of many investors looking to store precious metals offshore. Renowned for their strict adherence to private property rights and data protection/privacy legislation, Switzerland stands as an attractive option.

Select a location with multiple layers of physical security when storing gold overseas. Be certain that theft and fire cannot compromise your investment and use facilities which offer multiple layers of protection for optimal results.

In Switzerland, the best method for storing gold is using a specialist storage company that provides vaults and private safe deposit boxes. These vaults are located within modern high-security installations that fully insure assets stored here – not only precious metals, but jewellery gemstones cash can all be stored separately under segregated arrangements here too – providing owners with assurance of getting back their deposited assets should the vault operator become insolvent.

New Zealand

People looking to protect their assets by diversifying overseas are increasingly looking to store gold abroad as insurance against any possible economic collapse of their own nation.

New Zealand is widely recognized as an excellent country for precious metals vault storage. It ranks consistently as one of the least corrupt countries, boasts friendly financial regulations and has an effective police force.

New Zealand provides some of the highest returns on investments around the world. Furthermore, its distance from Europe’s financial turmoil and Africa’s civil wars makes it a safe haven to store your gold there.

First step of storing gold in New Zealand is finding a reputable bullion dealer from which to purchase your precious metals. Gold Survival Guide, located in New Zealand and with 26 years’ experience importing and selling physical precious metals, provides online purchasing, auditing, withdrawal services as well as storage solutions for anyone wanting to invest or store precious metals there.


Singapore is widely considered one of the best locations for gold storage worldwide, due to its stable government, low taxes, and strong financial position. Furthermore, high-quality storage facilities that are both secure and highly accessible are offered here.

Singapore’s government works diligently to safeguard private property, such as investment-grade bullion. In fact, Singapore stands out as being one of the only global governments not known to confiscate precious metals during economic crises.

If you want to manage or sell off your holdings legally, Singapore law allows for this. However, in order to do so, travel must take place; this clause is known as segregated storage.

Singapore does not fall under Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) or OECD Common Reporting System (CRS), meaning your bullion stored here is fully protected from foreign confiscation and nationalization compared to storing with your local bank whose regulatory framework may not always work in your favour during a crisis situation.

Hong Kong

Your gold stored in a coffee can in your mother-in-law’s basement or hidden beneath loose floorboards in your living room isn’t safe from government confiscation or burglary if a global economic disaster hits home, so keeping precious metals abroad with a vault offering professional handling and insurance protection may provide more secure storage for it.

Many companies provide vault storage for physical precious metals like gold and silver. Some require you to provide personal details, while others do not; companies like SGPMX and BullionStar offer safe vault storage without asking you for your information.

For those seeking even greater anonymity, several European locations, like Das Safe in Austria, provide anonymous storage facilities. Although they don’t boast James Bond-level security like Singapore does, they do provide financial privacy.

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