How Does a Gold and Silver IRA Work?

Investment in precious metals like silver is a great way to diversify and hedge inflation. Many investors take advantage of IRA-approved custodians which allow precious metal purchases and storage within an IRA account.

When searching for a gold IRA company, look for transparency, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service. A company with an established track record in the industry should also be considered important.

Investing in Gold and Silver

Gold and silver IRAs have become an increasingly popular way of diversifying retirement investments while protecting against inflation. Specifically useful during times when fiat currencies lose purchasing power and gold prices surge upward.

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) allows investors to purchase and store precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum for investment purposes. However, the Internal Revenue Service has strict rules regarding which metals can be bought and held within such accounts.

As part of an IRA custodian agreement, you must use a precious metals dealer that provides competitive pricing and offers a strong buy-back guarantee to protect your investments. Look for one with reasonable fees as well as high buyback guarantees so as not to risk incurring IRS fines with each transaction.

Expect to pay one-time fees and storage and insurance fees when setting up a gold IRA account, as well as possible seller markup charges depending on whether you purchase bullion, coins or proofs.

Funding a Gold IRA

Gold IRAs can be an attractive option for investors seeking to diversify their investments and hedge against inflation, yet it is vitally important that before making such an investment you consult with a financial advisor first.

Typically, when opening a precious metals IRA you will work with a custodian who will purchase and store precious metals in an IRS-approved depository. They usually charge management fees to cover administrative costs and storage.

The IRS allows physical precious metals such as gold coins and bars to be held within Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). However, for this to be approved as an investment under an IRA plan.

Choose a reputable precious metals dealer with transparent pricing, excellent customer service, and no additional fees to avoid unnecessary markups and ensure compliance with IRS regulations for your IRA.

Rolling Over an Existing IRA

If you want to invest in gold and silver with an existing retirement account, simply rollover funds from an IRA or 401(k). Your precious metals provider will guide you through this process to ensure full IRS compliance while making it as smooth as possible.

Once funding has been allocated to your new gold IRA, you can purchase physical precious metals that have been approved by the IRS as approved IRA investments, including gold bullion and coins as well as silver bullion and coins. Furthermore, other precious metals that meet minimum fineness standards – such as platinum and palladium – may also be purchased to meet minimum fineness standards and included.

Reputable precious metals IRA companies employ knowledgeable representatives who can guide your investment choices. You will be provided with a list of eligible precious metals at current prices, before being assisted in selecting pieces which meet your specific requirements. They also advise clients on where and how to store and insure physical precious metals which must be held by an IRS-approved depository in order to remain tax-free.

Buying Gold and Silver

Investment in precious metals can provide protection from rising inflation. While cash loses purchasing power over time, gold has historically held onto its value even during times of inflation.

Before opening or rolling over an existing precious metals IRA, several steps need to be completed. First and foremost is choosing a dealer with all required licenses, insurance and bonds in place to safeguard your investments.

Research the various companies to select one with reasonable fees and excellent customer service, and avoid high-pressure salespeople or dealers who charge excessive storage and service fees.

Once you have selected a dealer, it’s time to fund your precious metals IRA. Funding options may include moving funds between pre-tax or Roth IRAs or making direct contributions with cash; how much gold and other precious metals you dedicate towards investing depends on your portfolio diversification goals, risk tolerance and current market conditions.

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