How Does Glenn Beck Make His Money?

Where does Glenn Beck get his money

Glenn Beck has pursued numerous ventures that have allowed him to make his living, such as radio, television and book writing.

Beck has also established his own media company, The Blaze. This media platform offers both online and televised content which has earned wide acclaim; combined with his other earnings, this venture alone has brought in millions for Beck.

How Much Money Does Glenn Beck Make?

Beck is well known as an influential media figure and talk show host, which has allowed him to explore various ventures. He currently holds several roles at Mercury Radio Arts which runs TheBlaze.

He is an esteemed author with several New York Times bestsellers under his name and also actively contributes to society through Mercury One Foundation.

He is estimated to be making between $30 – $40 Million per year through various media pursuits, such as speaking events and book sales. In addition, he hosts nationally syndicated talk radio program on Premiere Radio Networks as well as daily television program on TheBlaze TV; furthermore he owns various assets that generate income, such as his Texas home.


Glenn Beck first made his mark through radio, which helped advance his career and make him immensely wealthy. Additionally, public speaking engagements and writing books also provide him with additional income streams.

In 2000 he established The Glenn Beck Program on radio which proved hugely popular. Here he could air his right-wing political views to a large audience and appealed directly to them.

Beck was invited to host his own television show on CNN in 2006, which dramatically increased his profile and following. Later he left CNN and started hosting his own show on Fox News Channel before also founding TheBlaze TV – an online network dedicated to conservative-leaning content and programs.


Glenn Beck has built an empire through his radio shows, books, and television appearances. It is estimated that his business ventures bring in between $30-40 Million per year in revenue.

He launched his radio career immediately upon graduating high school, working at KAYK in Provo, Utah for six months before moving on to WPGC in Washington D.C.

Glenn Beck established TheBlaze, a right-wing media network in 2010. Comprised of websites, television programming and podcasts aimed at conservative viewers, TheBlaze generates between $35 – 45 million in annual revenues while hosting rallies and events as well as offering products from small businesses through an e-commerce marketplace.


Glenn Beck is a prolific author with several best-selling books to his credit. These range from Christian fiction and political thrillers to non-fiction works as well as two conspiracy-themed coauthored volumes: The Overton Window and its sequel Eye of Moloch.

Beck began his radio career in Mount Vernon, Washington and experienced early success after winning a contest to make a one-hour disc jockey debut at 13 on a local station. Unfortunately, alcoholism ran rampant through his family; Beck himself believes that his mother died by drowning accident as determined by Coast Guard investigators but later concluded it may have been intentional suicide by him.

Since 2011, Beck has left Fox News to launch TheBlaze, his own internet TV network with over 300,000 subscribers. Alongside radio and television earnings, his wealth also comes from book sales and other sources; his home in Westlake Texas is estimated at $6 Million.

Live Events

Beck is a best-selling author who regularly conducts speaking engagements at large venues that can earn him thousands in fees per event.

Beck has successfully exploited post-9/11 political paranoia to tap into a national mood that is both angry and suspicious of government and corporations – something found both on the left and right sides. No one can do it better than Beck.

Fox still supports Glenn Beck’s show despite the boycott by numerous companies; that may speak volumes about their value to Fox and News Corp. but also shows the firmness of its management culture; 15 out of 27 ads currently running are house ads from News Corp properties or non-profit organizations.

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