How Does Glenn Beck Make His Money?

Glenn Beck, the popular radio host and author, has made himself an incredible fortune through his powerful opinions and ability to get people talking. It is estimated that Glenn makes between $30 – $40 Million per year through this approach.

He began in radio and quickly built an enormous audience before transitioning to television. Today he runs TheBlaze – an opinion website and other conservative media ventures – among many other projects.

1. He owns a home in the Metroplex

Glenn Beck is a multifaceted media figure: radio host, television producer, best-selling author and political commentator. His pursuits have earned him immense wealth while making him famous among conservative circles; in just one year alone he earned $32 Million through Mercury Radio Arts which handles his website and podcast as well as sold-out sweater concerts and book sales.

Beck, an on-air personality since 2011, enjoys spending his free time in Westlake, Texas in a lavish mansion boasting six bedrooms and nine bathrooms spanning 9,100 square feet – surprising for someone so outspoken as himself on television. Recently though, the mansion went up for sale as the Blaze TV network that Beck founded in 2011 continues to struggle through layoffs; Beck has hinted at moving its headquarters there which could cost anywhere between $20 – $40 million dollars.

2. He owns a car

Glenn Beck has battled alcoholism and mental illness throughout his life, which have had a significant effect on both his views and content on his show. These struggles also affected his relationship with his family – at one point almost leading to their abandonment due to substance use.

Glenn Beck has made quite the mark as an accomplished conservative commentator despite past difficulties. His various sources of income and hard work has paid off; most recently he launched The Blaze network which covers conservative news and opinions.

He has not only had his radio show but has also written several books. Between earnings from media industry jobs, book sales, and TheBlaze subscription TV channel subscription fees he brings in an estimated annual earnings totaling $20 Million. And that doesn’t stop him; he continues chasing new opportunities with ambitious plans for the future; in his free time he enjoys working on classic cars such as Ford Mustangs in particular.

3. He owns a business

Glenn Beck is an outstanding businessman. His company handles his best-selling books, the popular website he manages and his sold-out sweater concerts; all three backed by solid profits that enable him to build a formidable reputation while expanding into new profitable ventures.

Glenn Beck Inc. – officially Mercury Radio Arts after Orson Welles’ Mercury Theatre on the Air – made $32 Million during its inaugural year since March 2018. That figure surpassed both his Fox News salary and that earned in two years on CNN combined.

In 2011, he left CNN to establish The Blaze Media, producing television, radio, and an online platform featuring conservative-leaning content. Additionally, he owns a production studio and has published books covering subjects ranging from politics to faith – all activities which demonstrate his unique voice and his ability to reach his target audience.

4. He owns a television show

Glenn Beck is known for his popular radio show, but has many other ventures that help him earn considerable wealth, such as various television pursuits and his media company TheBlaze TV. Additionally, he hosts popular live events like Glenn Beck Exposed specials.

Glenn Beck made an estimated net income of $32 Million in 2009. About $30 Million came from his radio shows and book sales; with additional income coming from speaking engagements and his successful website.

Glenn Beck is an internationally-recognized American radio host, political commentator, author, and CEO of Blaze Media; an award-winning multiplatform news and entertainment network available on television, radio, and the Internet. As co-founder and CEO of Blaze Media he regularly advocates physical gold and silver ownership as means to protect wealth against de-dollarization – often appearing on Fox News or CNN Headline News as a guest host; an avid supporter of Second Amendment laws as he believes they help reduce crime levels across America

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