How is Gold Taxed in a Roth IRA?

How is gold taxed in a Roth IRA

An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, can hold various investments – from physical assets such as gold to stocks – however it’s crucial that investors understand how these assets are taxed.

The Internal Revenue Service prohibits investments in collectibles for an IRA account, but allows investors to hold certain forms of gold bullion that is at least 99.5% pure. In 1998, this exception was expanded further.


Gold IRAs invest with pretax money, which remains free from taxes until needed for retirement withdrawals and taxed as ordinary income. Before investing in precious metals through an IRA, it’s essential to understand all associated taxes.

The IRS treats gold investments as collectibles and taxes them at 28% – which is significantly higher than investors typically pay on investments such as stocks or mutual funds.

To minimize taxes, selecting a physical gold investment option with low storage and administrative fees may help. To do so, the Internal Revenue Code allows IRAs to hold American Eagle coins minted by the government rather than private mints – this statutory exception sidesteps storage fees associated with physical gold storage IRAs. But this isn’t your only option: investing in gold mining ETFs which track price changes of precious metals may also provide low cost storage IRA options.

Short-Term Capital Gains

Gold IRAs provide an alternative retirement savings solution. Funded with post-tax dollars, these accounts allow assets to accumulate tax-deferred until withdrawal at retirement – although if you wish to invest in other alternative assets such as gold, regulatory hurdles must first be cleared away first.

As an example, holding your gold IRA investment for less than one year and selling could result in short-term capital gains taxes of up to 28%, significantly diminishing after-tax returns. By contrast, holding it for 12 months or longer could allow you to benefit from long-term capital gains treatment which could boost after-tax returns and potentially yield lower pretax returns than direct investing would allow. Likewise, investing via gold IRA could produce lower pretax returns than investing directly.

Long-Term Capital Gains

Gold investments that have been held for longer than one year will be subject to long-term capital gains tax at 28 percent – this lower tax rate can help maximize your returns after taxes have been taken out.

Gold coins and bullion approved for retirement investing are a popular choice for investors who wish to diversify their retirement portfolio with tangible assets that are easy to store and secure, yet can offer significant returns after taxes while acting as an insurance against economic instability and uncertainty.

Gold IRA companies can assist investors with investing in gold coins and bullion through an IRA account, helping you avoid incurring an early withdrawal penalty when withdrawing assets at age 60 or later. When selecting such an organization, be certain they possess all required licenses, registrations, insurance policies and bonds in place in order to safeguard their investments and ensure its safety.


A traditional gold IRA works the same way as other investment accounts: You pay taxes on any money that is contributed, then it grows tax-deferred until withdrawals in retirement are taken out of it.

With a Roth IRA, your investment earnings or withdrawals at retirement won’t incur any taxes – an ideal solution for people with significant tax deductions or who fall within high tax brackets as it allows more of their money to remain in their pockets.

When choosing to invest in physical gold through your IRA, there will be additional fees you must consider. These may include an initial setup and storage fees. In addition, vendors may add markup charges that could significantly add to the initial investment amount. Therefore, look for companies that provide low annual fees, reasonable storage charges, and no withdrawal penalties as your options.

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