How Many Grams is a Gold Lira Coin?

How many grams is a gold lira coin

These gold coins were issued by the Kingdom of Italy as legal tender until their replacement with Euro currency in 2002. They make excellent investments and retirement accounts as well as valuable additions to collections of world coins or bullion.

These coins mirror the rise and fall of gold prices on international markets, making them a highly affordable investment option.


The Half Lira is one of the smaller sizes of Gold Lira coins and therefore ideal for investors without enough funds to purchase a full sized coin. Furthermore, their size enables these coins to be worn as jewellery which increases their value further.

These coins are highly sought-after due to their historical importance. Not only are they great investments or collection pieces, but their high purity and beauty also makes them highly collectable pieces that can be purchased from multiple dealers at highly competitive prices.

Italian 20 Lira Gold Coins offer an ideal way to diversify your retirement, investment or coin collecting portfolio with global gold. First released at the dawn of modern Italy’s kingdom and monarchy, these gold coins represent the continuation of earlier Sardinian lire coins issued at Sardine-Venetia Lira Coins; Two Sicilies Piastra Coins and Papal States Scudo coins issued prior.


Gold Lira coins contain 6.6 grams of pure metal and were designed with artistic and historic designs in mind, becoming popular collector items.

Before the introduction of the euro in 2002, Italy used its national currency – the Italian lira. Introduced in 1861 and following on previous issues by various Italian kingdoms (Sardinian lira, Lombardy-Venetia pound, Two Sicilies piastra and Papal States scudo), this was its currency.

The 20 lire coin featured the reigning King of Italy on its obverse and was an inexpensive way to own a piece of Italy’s rich history.

Umberto I is honored on a coin issued to commemorate his rule from late 1878 until his assassination in 1900, with his portrait on one side and Italy’s coat of arms on the reverse. These coins make an excellent addition to any collection; though they do not meet IRS guidelines for inclusion into an IRA account, these coins still provide diversification into your investment portfolio.


From the dawn of modern monetary systems, gold has long been used as an asset store and means of payment – so much so that lira coins can often be seen featured as ornaments such as bracelets.

From 1861 until 2002, Italy used the lira as its currency. This was an extension of currency issues from various Italian kingdoms such as Sardinian lira, Lombardy-Venetia pound, Two Sicilies piastra and Papal States scudo that had existed previously.

These coins feature the King of Italy on one side and an owl on the reverse, using 22 karat gold as it tends to be more wear-resistant than standard 24 karat coining techniques.

These 20 Lire (Francs) Gold Coin – Italy make an excellent addition to any world gold investment or coin collection portfolio, or IRA account. To ensure you pay the lowest premium, always compare bullion dealer prices using our Closest To Spot tool.


Gold liras are widely recognised and trusted investments throughout the Middle East. Affordably priced, they have long been seen as an efficient means of protecting wealth for generations.

This coin contains 6.6 grams of pure gold and features the symbol of Ottoman Sultanate on its obverse while its reverse features an inscription reading: ‘May He Be Victorious.’ Additionally, on its reverse is written: Name of Sultanate Year Issue Weight Purity Of Coin

The Italian 20 lira gold coin is one of the world’s most intriguing gold coins as a reminder of a young European kingdom and monarchy, emerging during late 1800s much like contemporary Germany. These coins serve as signs that Italy became united under Victor Emanuele II from 1861-1878 before Umberto I reigned until his assassination in 1900.

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