How Many Grams is a Gold Lira Coin?

The 20 Lira Gold Coin is a classic bullion coin from Italy’s Kingdom that holds both intrinsic and numismatic value, making it sought-after among collectors.

These coins are comparable in size and weight to the popular French 20 Franc gold coin, featuring the portrait of Italy’s reigning King on its reverse side.


Though imperial measurements like regular and troy ounces remain popular for bullion sales, more minting facilities have begun using metric weights instead. Grams are much more precise than ounces, and are therefore increasingly being utilized by modern gold bullion coins.

These 20 Lire gold coins from Italy offer an ideal way to diversify your collection. Boasting an elegant design on both sides – an obverse featuring simple imagery and an armorial coat of arms on its reverse – these coins make excellent additions for investment or retirement portfolios alike.

Minting of Italian Lira Coins began in 1861 when Italy joined the Latin Monetary Union. This coin served as an exact continuation of earlier Italian kingdom-issued coins such as Sardinian Liras, Lombardy-Venetia Pounds, Two Sicilies Piastres and Papal States Scudos issued since 1681. Some items produced between 1878-1900 may feature Umberto I on their reverse, while random year items will feature their reigning King as they display on random year items minted prior to joining LMU.


Gold coins are a widely accepted form of currency across numerous nations and come in an assortment of denominations, with the 20 Lire coin often found in IRA accounts due to its low premium and large size; collectors also frequently opt for this coin because of its historical significance.

In 1861, the 20 Lire gold coin was introduced for circulation. This coin represented a continuation of previous Italian kingdom lira denominations such as Sardinian Liras, Lombardy-Venetia Pounds, Two Sicilies Piastras and Papal States Scudos that featured on their obverses the reigning monarch at that time.

The 20-lira gold coin denomination was the largest of these denominations and featured the portrait of King Victor Emanuel II on its reverse, while subsequent issues featured the coat of arms of Italy on this coin as well. These gold coins heralded Italy as it emerged into unity; today they hold intrinsic and numismatic value while offering potential market price appreciation potential when included as investments or retirement portfolio pieces.


The Turkey Gold Lira is one of the world’s most-sought-after gold coins, boasting high purity gold content and an appealing artistic design. Available in multiple sizes, it provides one of the most cost-effective ways of purchasing gold in the Middle East.

20 Lire coins make an excellent addition to retirement, investment and coin collecting portfolios. Issued from mints across Milan, Turin, Naples and Florence and featuring Victor Emanuel who was the first monarch of unified Kingdom of Italy (in 1861) on its obverse; their reverse features the coat of arms of this historical kingdom of Italy (see image below).

Rare coins are popular with collectors for their historical appeal and reasonable premium over market gold prices, making them highly desirable investments worldwide. As always, be sure to research market prices before making a purchase decision.


Gold Liras are popular among coin collectors for their historical, collectable value and are considered suitable for inclusion in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), but not due to not meeting the IRS standard of minimum 995.5 fineness required of all coins approved for retirement accounts.

However, these coins make an ideal addition to any investment or coin collection portfolio. Their size resembles that of Switzerland and Belgium’s more commonly traded 20 Franc Angel coins and contain nearly 0.1867 Troy oz of gold content – similar to their more familiar 20 Franc Angel counterpart.

These pieces are historically significant as they mark the start of modern unified Italian kingdom and monarchy. Their obverse usually depicts the reigning monarch during minting; most coins featuring King Umberto can be sought out for both their historical value and numismatic appeal; most appear in very good or better condition which adds to their appeal.

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