How Much Does a Gold Lira Weigh?

How much does a gold lira weigh

Italian 20 Lira Gold Coins boast a significant intrinsic value due to the precious metal they contain, making them a wise addition to retirement accounts, investment portfolios and coin collecting collections worldwide.

These coins match the specifications and design of Swiss, French, and Belgian 20 Franc gold pieces in terms of their gold content and purity, making them easy to acquire at low premiums from online bullion dealers.


Italy’s gold coins have long been considered an invaluable addition to retirement, investment and coin collecting portfolios. The 20 Lire gold coin stands out among them due to containing one fifth of an ounce of pure gold content at 0.1867 oz.

The 20 Lire dates its roots back to the establishment of modern Italy in the late 1800s. This coin bears the coat of arms for Savoia on its reverse, while on the obverse is a bust of King Victor Emanuel II of Italy who reigned until his assassination in 1900.

The lira was replaced by the euro in 2002, yet collectors and gold investors continue to seek rare pieces to preserve its history. When shopping for these rare and precious objects, be sure to compare prices across multiple bullion dealers for your purchases; our Closest to Spot tool can assist in paying the lowest premium possible when making your purchases.


The 20 lira (known in Turkey as “handleless lira”) is one of the most cherished gold coins produced in Turkey. Made from 22 carat gold, it can be used both for jewelry purposes and investment. Featuring Savoia coat of arms on one side and King Vittorio Emanuele II on its reverse face.

When it comes to measuring the weight of bullion coins, there are a few terms you need to be familiar with when taking measurements. Most commonly, people refer to using troy ounces; however, it should also be remembered that the metric system can also be widely applied in this industry.

Italian 20 Lire gold coins offer an ideal way to add history and culture to retirement or investment portfolios. Limited in supply worldwide, each coin contains 0.1867 ounces of pure gold content.


While gold bullion products are often measured in troy ounces, their purity can be expressed using either the karat scale or fineness scale. Karat refers to the number of parts per thousand of pure gold present while fineness measures how much pure silver and other metals may also be present in each product.

Refiners melt dore bars composed of various alloys of gold and silver and assay them to ensure they meet purity standards before casting them into coins. This process also helps them identify pockets of low or high purity which could cause damage or wear over time.

While Italian 20 lira gold coins meet the high purity requirements for collector’s items, they do not meet the IRS standard of 99.5 high purity to qualify as retirement IRA coins. Yet they remain immensely sought-after by world coin collectors and can still be purchased at premiums above spot price; making them an excellent way to diversify portfolios with rare foreign currencies.


Gold is an integral component of Turkish economy, from mining and refining through exchange bourses and futures trading to serving as an important form of savings for its citizens as currency values often fluctuate significantly.

As an example, an accredited mint should guarantee that 1 kg 24k gold bars weigh exactly that amount; otherwise it could be counterfeit and buyers should compare prices from various bullion dealers in order to identify and avoid potential forgeries.

The 20 lira gold coin dates back to the early days of modern Italy’s unification and nationhood, featuring King Victor Emanuel III’s last bust and then being circulated up until 2002 when Italy adopted euro currency.

Historical Italian coins still carry legal tender value, making them an excellent addition to retirement, investment and world coin collection portfolios. Although they don’t meet the IRS requirement of 99.5 gold purity for inclusion in an IRA account, these attractive pieces still make for smart investments for any portfolio.

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