How Much Does a Gold Lira Weigh?

The Lira was Italy’s currency from 1861 to 2002 and holds immense intrinsic, numismatic, and historical value. Each 20 lira gold coin contains 0.1867 Troy oz of gold.

The metric system of measurement provides the most reliable means of ascertaining a bullion product’s weight. Any bar weighing over 400 troy ounces could potentially be fraudulent.


Consideration should be given to the weight of a gold lira when choosing a coin, so when shopping it would be prudent to select one that weighs close to that of an ounce as this will enable an accurate comparison and help avoid overpaying for something you already own.

Gold coins are popular investments in Turkey, where an impressive metals industry exists from extraction to refining, futures trading exchange bourse and precious metal import/export trade. All these factors combine to form the backbone of its economy while making Turkey one of the safest places for precious metal investment worldwide.

These coins represent historical pieces from the inauguration of modern, unified Italy, featuring King Victor Emanuel II on one side and Umberto I of all Italy on the other. A great addition to any gold investment or collection.


The gold lira is an attractive investment coin for collectors and precious metal investors, produced by Italy from 1861 to 1927 and boasting intrinsic, numismatic, historic value as well as being prized jewellery buyers due to low production charges. Fractional bullion versions may also offer lower production charges making them great options for new investors looking for fractional gold bullion purchases.

Based on their year of mintage, Italy coins often feature Victor Emanuel or Umberto I as portraits; thus making them historical artifacts that tell a part of Europe’s youngest and most vibrant kingdom’s story. You can purchase such coins from numerous world coin and bullion dealers and can sell or include them into retirement and investment accounts; however they should always be carefully examined prior to purchase in order to ensure quality.


Purity of gold coins should be an essential consideration when investing. Purity levels vary based on factors like market price and other considerations; having a means to test their purity will enable you to make informed decisions regarding your investments.

The karat system is an important indicator of gold purity, used by bullion mints to display its percentage. While regular and troy ounces remain popular as measuring units for gold bullion, more people are opting for the metric system due to its base-10 design – for instance one milligram makes up one kilogram!

The gold lira is an immensely popular global coin due to its historical importance and collectable nature, but due to not meeting IRS minimum 995. gold fineness requirement it cannot be included in an IRA retirement account.


Italian 20 lira gold coins hold significant historical, numismatic, and collectable value. Furthermore, these coins were legal tender for many years prior to Italy adopting the euro as their official currency.

Even though these coins do not meet the IRS standard of 99.5 gold fineness, coin collectors still desire them and they may command higher premiums over spot price.

The 20 lira gold coin depicts the coat of arms for Italy on its reverse and features a portrait of its reigning monarch on its obverse, as well as mintage year and weight information. These coins share similar dimensions with French and Swiss counterparts and contain one fifth ounce, or approximately 0.1867 oz of gold; making this coin an excellent way to diversify your bullion portfolio.

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