How Much is a 1 Oz Gold Eagle Worth Today?

How much is a 1 oz Gold Eagle worth today

The 1-oz American Gold Eagle coin is one of the world’s most beloved bullion coins. Collectors and investors alike adore its beauty, liquidity and trustworthiness.

Gold Eagle was introduced by the US Government in 1986, and has been produced annually ever since. Each coin carries a face value of $50 USD which is legally protected.


The 1 oz Gold Eagle coin from the United States Mint is among the most acclaimed bullion coins on the market today, famed for its purity, weight and federally-backed value.

Gold Eagles offer an ideal way to diversify portfolios during times of economic instability, providing a valuable asset that remains unchanged compared to stocks and bonds.

The American Gold Eagle first made its debut with US Mint production following passage of Congress’ Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985, bearing a face value of $50 and guaranteed in weight, content and purity by the United States government. These modern coins feature Augustus Saint Gaudens’ Double Eagle designed specifically for US gold coins issued between 1907-1908 (obverse).


American Gold Eagles are among the world’s most beloved bullion coins, boasting stunning designs on both sides and being backed by the US Government for weight, purity and content. On one side is an image of Lady Liberty adapted from Augustus Saint Gaudens’ Double Eagle design from 1907. On the reverse is a male eagle flying to its nesting area to join its partner and young.

Gold Eagles, like any investment bullion, are valued based on the gold content within them and priced based on its current spot price in commodities markets. To save on premiums and diversify your portfolio effectively against inflation by buying Random Year Gold Eagles that were produced between 1986 and now. They make great additions to any collection!


The 1-oz Gold Eagle coin is one of the world’s most beloved bullion coins, first released under the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985 and remaining popular today as an international standard for investment bullion that both collectible and reliable.

The Gold Eagle features a modified rendition of Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ famous design for the U.S. $20 Double Eagle coin that was issued from 1907 until 1933, while its reverse features a male bald eagle flying above a nest where there is female and her hatchlings.

Gold Eagles are the official bullion gold coins of the United States and come in Proof, Uncirculated (BU), and Burnished varieties. Gold Eagles may also be suitable for self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s); however investors should be aware that only precious metals certified to be at least.999 pure can be held within an IRA.


The US Mint has issued the 1 oz American Gold Eagle as its official bullion coin, featuring one troy ounce of actual gold content. It has a $50 face value that is legally recognized.

These 22-karat coins can help diversify and protect against inflation by diversifying your portfolio and protecting it with inflation-proof gold bars. Plus, their space-saving Treasury tubes make them easy to store and transport!

The Gold Eagle features a full-length design of Lady Liberty created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens on its obverse, while its reverse features a male eagle carrying an olive branch in his talons as he flies towards his nest, carrying with him both its female companion and their hatchlings.


American Eagle coins are an increasingly popular way for individuals to acquire gold bullion. Mass produced and supported by the United States government, they guarantee weight and purity – both hallmarks that make them instantly recognisable – making these coins highly sought-after investments. They may carry an added premium depending on supply and demand factors.

American Eagle gold coins also come with proof and uncirculated versions for extra durability and scratch-resistance. Proof coins feature an extra shiny finish which resists scratching and marring more easily than regular versions.

American Eagle gold coins feature Miley Busiek’s family image of American bald eagles on the obverse, while their reverse field depicts a male eagle carrying an olive branch in his beak – both are depicted by Miley herself! Our 1 oz Gold Eagle coins come from random years from 1986-current production runs.

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