How Much is a Gold American Eagle Coin Worth?

How much is a Gold American Eagle coin worth

No matter where your investments lie – whether they be established investors seeking to add gold bullion coins to their portfolio, or beginner investors starting out – the 1/10 oz Gold American Eagle coin is an excellent choice.

These coins carry a face value of $50 and consist of one troy ounce of pure gold. You have the choice between brilliant uncirculated (BU) or proof coins for your collection.


Price of Gold American Eagle coins may fluctuate depending on demand and supply, with value also determined by weight and purity as certified by the United States Mint. Additionally, their front side features an obverse design similar to what was featured on $20 Saint-Gaudens coins: Lady Liberty holding both torch and olive branch.

On the back of each coin is inscribed its face value, gold content and weight; these coins come in multiple sizes such as one-ounce denominations. Both bullion and proof forms are available.

Coin prices will fluctuate throughout the day as commodity exchanges change their rates, providing you with an opportunity to keep track of changes using Monex’s live charts.


Gold American Eagle coins are popular with investors looking for diversification, profit potential and liquidity. Available in four sizes including one-ounce, half-ounce, quarter ounce and tenth ounce denominations with face values ranging from $50 for 1 oz Gold Eagles up to $25 for 1/2 oz, $10 for 1/4 and $5 for 1/10 oz Gold Eagles respectively.

Each American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin is handcrafted using 22kt gold alloyed with silver and copper to increase rigidity for wear resistance, featuring Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ designs from $20 gold coins that were used as money from 1907 until 1933. On their front face is Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ design from this work which can be found on all American Eagle Coins crafted in this way.

On its reverse, this coin features an image of four bald eagles clutching olive branches and their weight and purity are guaranteed by the US government.


The 1 oz Gold American Eagle coin is one of the most beloved bullion coins available. Produced by the United States Mint and guaranteed with certain levels of purity, these pieces often command a premium over their bullion value.

The coin’s obverse depicts the United States Capitol building and an outstretched bald eagle, along with “In God We Trust” and the denomination of $5 in Latin.

Gold American Eagle purity is measured in millesimal fineness (millesimal fineness is measured as parts-per-thousand). To ensure maximum quality coins are graded by third party grading services to receive either MS69 or MS70 designation, as these coins are considered near perfect and command a premium over nongraded coins.


Gold American Eagle coins are an easy, convenient choice of bullion coin investment for many types of investors due to their affordable pricing and four size options available.

Each Gold American Eagle contains its stated amount of actual gold (in troy ounces), as well as small amounts of silver and copper to help preserve its luster over time. These added alloys also make coins harder, protecting them from scratching and marring that would lower resale values over time.

These coins are guaranteed by the United States government for their gold content, weight and purity; making them an extremely secure investment that can add diversity to any portfolio or IRA.


Dated Gold American Eagle coins provide an important clue as to their value. Their date of minting, weight and purity figures in ounces is guaranteed by the United States government and serve as indicators of their value.

The coin features an updated rendition of Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ iconic Lady Liberty on its obverse side and depicts an eagle family protecting their nest on the reverse, designed by Miley Busiek.

Gold American Eagles are among the world’s most iconic government minted coins. Popular with collectors and investors alike, they come both as bullion coins and proof versions.

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