How Much is a Gold American Eagle Coin Worth?

The Gold American Eagle coin has become one of the world’s most iconic government-minted gold coins since it first hit circulation in 1986. Utilizing a modified version of Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ design found on $20 gold pieces from 1907 to 1933, its popularity remains unparalleled.

Gold Eagles come in both 1 oz bullion form, as well as fractional sizes such as 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce and 1/10 ounce – they may even qualify for self-directed individual retirement account (IRA) investments.


Gold American Eagle coins are an increasingly popular form of US government bullion coinage. Each one features a $50 face value and contains 1 ounce of gold; their price varies based on current spot prices for gold.

This coin’s front side, known as its obverse, harkens back to Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ $20 gold coin by featuring Lady Liberty presenting torch and olive branch; with U.S. Capitol building as backdrop.

Since 1986, this coin has been produced annually as an annual release, in four different gold bullion weights with various finishes including proof, burnished uncirculated and reverse proof coins. For $5 it makes an affordable way of adding precious metals into your portfolio or as gifts for loved ones – plus it adds something thoughtful and affordable to any collection!


Gold American Eagles are among the world’s most beloved bullion coins, carrying a $50 face value (for one ounce) and legal tender status; their true cost depends on the spot price of gold.

The Gold American Eagle coin is composed of 917.7% pure gold and is struck to meet the durable 22-karat standard established over 350 years ago for circulation coinage. Each coin contains approximately one/10th ounce of pure gold; small amounts of copper and silver alloyed into its composition make the coins more resilient against wear-and-tear damage.

This coin’s obverse features Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ breathtaking Walking Liberty design first seen on a $20 gold piece back in 1907. On its reverse is Miley Busiek’s depiction of a family of eagles guarding their young eaglets – reflecting both family strength and America’s natural beauty.


Gold American Eagle coins are an increasingly popular way for investors to diversify their portfolios. Each coin is backed by the U.S. government, boasting legal tender value as well as gold content – with 1 oz bullion coins being the most sought-after size option.

Since 1986, these coins have been produced annually since 1986 in four weight denominations. The obverse features the iconic design of Lady Liberty by Augustus Saint-Gaudens while the reverse depicts a family of eagles. The one-tenth ounce (1/10 oz) denomination features $5 face value and weighs 3.93 grams.

Each coin is handcrafted from 0.9167 pure gold and features a small premium to cover production and distribution costs; overall costs are considerably less than purchasing an ounce at spot. These coins were designed specifically to help retail investors purchase gold with confidence in global markets, making the entire investment experience seamless and straightforward.


The 1/10 oz American Eagle coin is one of the world’s most beloved gold bullion coins, boasting a design inspired by Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Lady Liberty from Augustus Saint-Gaudens with her torch of enlightenment high over her head and olive branch in her hand. On its reverse is depicted a male bald eagle guarding its nest from predators; an excellent choice for people on tight budgets looking to invest in gold bullion.

Coins made of gold contain 3.93 grams or 1.06 Troy ounces and have been issued annually since 1986 in four sizes: bullion, burnished uncirculated proof and reverse proof.

The United States Mint provides purity and weight guarantees on each coin sold from its warehouses, stamping them with an official face value of $50 that makes them legal tender in the US – although dealers usually offer them at much greater than this figure due to their metal content and iconic designs.

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