How Much is a Gold Lira Worth?

How much is a gold lira worth

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Italian 20 Lire gold coins date back to the founding of a modern European kingdom and nation in the late 1800s, and have significant collector appeal as well as being suitable additions for retirement, investment or world coin collections.


On the obverse of these gold coins is a portrait of the reigning monarch of Italy’s Kingdom, used as legal tender until 2002 when Italy transitioned from their longstanding currency into Euros.

Initial designs featured the mustache-wearing King Umberto I on their obverse; later coins depicted his successor Victor Emanuel III – who became one of only a handful of monarchs to survive both World Wars as well as fascism’s rise during his rule.

On the reverse of these coins is displayed Italy’s coat of arms along with their denomination, face value and mint mark. On this side is featured the iconic Lion of Megiddo from an ancient seal excavated in modern-day Jordan; de Francisci won this design prize during a competition to portray Liberty on US currency coins.


Numismatically speaking, the reverse side of a gold lira coin features the national coat of arms for Italy surrounded by REGNO D’ITALIA or Kingdom of Italy; on earlier coins a wreath encircled this coat of arms.

JM Bullion sells gold coins from different Italian kingdoms, such as the Sardinian lira, Lombardy-Venetia pound, Two Sicilies piastra and Papal States scudo. Each coin carries a face value of 20 Lire and contains 1.1867 troy ounces of actual gold content – you can easily find competitive pricing by using our Closest to Spot price comparison tool.


The 20 lira coin was designed to match Franc gold coins issued by France, Switzerland and Belgium for weight and purity in the Latin Monetary Union. Additionally, this denomination represented continuation of previously issued Italian kingdom lira denominations like Sardinian liras from Sardinian, Lombardy-Venetia-liras as well as Two Sicilies piastra and papal states scudo coins issued before 2000.

Italian 20 Lire Gold Coins make an exceptional addition to any global gold bullion portfolio due to their historic significance. Dating back to when Italy first emerged as a modern, unified Kingdom and nation in Europe’s late 1800s alongside Germany – two young nations at that time!

These coins feature Victor Emmanuel II as their subject on their obverse side; following his death, their series was continued by Umberto I until his assassination in July 1900 and still have legal tender value within Italy after its monetary union with Euro in 2002.


Purity refers to something unadulterated. It speaks of wholeness, like freshly fallen snow or pure gold. The Bible uses purity as an analogy for holiness; girls wear purity rings as a demonstration of their commitment to abstinence before marriage and monogamy within it. Purity is of great significance in God’s eyes because He alone is perfect and holy.

Italian 20 Lira gold coins are historically interesting pieces that mark the start of Italy’s modern nation and kingdom. Collectors and investors prize these pieces due to their intrinsic bullion value as well as any premium over spot gold prices.

However, these coins do not satisfy the 99.5 standard that the IRS mandates for retirement and investment accounts or coin collecting portfolios. We suggest using our Closest to Spot Price Comparison Tool when searching for these coins in order to pay the lowest premium over spot gold; regardless, they make great additions to IRAs, other investment and retirement accounts or coin collections alike.

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