How Much is a Gold Lira Worth?

How much is a gold lira worth

When buying gold coins, it’s essential that you secure the best value possible – this is why it is crucial to shop around between dealers.

The 20 Lire gold coin bears the image of the reigning monarch at the time of mintage on its obverse side. These pieces possess both intrinsic and numismatic value and are highly prized by collectors and precious metal investors alike.


The gold lira is a Turkish coin that contains 6.6 grams of pure gold, introduced into circulation in 1844 as an alternative to kurus coins previously in circulation and notable for its artistic designs that recall Ottoman Empire times.

Turkey is one of the world’s top consumers of gold and has a robust commodities market. Home to various natural resources including coal, copper, oil and iron ore reserves; Turkey’s diverse economy helps drive demand for coins, bars and jewelry made from precious metals.

Gold in Turkey is subject to supply and demand forces as well as various macroeconomic and geopolitical considerations, making its price dependent upon supply and demand as well as various macroeconomic and geopolitical issues. Understanding their impacts is vital in order to make informed investment decisions; currently the spot price for gold in Turkey stands at 57,986 TL per ounce as of December 9th 2023.


The Italian 20 Lire Gold Coin is an appealing choice for investors and collectors looking to add some European history to their bullion portfolio. Similar in weight and size to French 20 Franc coins, but often command higher numismatic premiums due to their historical significance.

The 20 Lire coin’s obverse features the reigning King of Italy at the time of minting, including Victor Emmanuel II from 1861-1878; Umberto I from 1878-1900 and Victor Emanuele III (1900-1946).

Rare Italian coins of the 5 lire can fetch as much as 2000EUR in excellent condition, particularly those dating back to 1956 when coinage resumed after 8 years of interruption. A 10 lire piece from 1951 may even fetch over 800EUR if preserved properly.


Gold coins are an increasingly popular addition to investment and retirement portfolios, their real market value fluctuating with global gold markets each day. You can find these coins at various coin and bullion dealers worldwide.

Gold staters were accounting units worth 20-28 drachmae depending on its value at any particular place and time, typically used in Macedonia and Thessaloniki. Their obverse featured Athena wearing her Corinthian helmet while their reverse featured stylis and wreath designs.

Gold staters make an ideal present for history buffs or collectors, and can be purchased from several online gold dealers including APMEX. Also popular among investors and collectors worldwide is the gold lira; its value backed by global gold markets allows investors to purchase it at a reasonable premium over spot; some major banks even carry these coins!

South Africa

The South Africa Gold Krugerrand coin has an iconic status among collectors as a store of value. As it was the first gold coin designed to encourage private ownership, collectors have come to recognize its significance worldwide. Each 22 karat Krugerrand contains one ounce of pure gold. Fractional sizes such as 1/10 oz are also available.

The coin’s obverse displays Jan van Riebeeck, the Dutch colonial leader who established Cape Town. On its reverse is an image of a springbok antelope – an emblematic representation of South African heritage and culture.

The Krugerrand is issued by the South African Mint and refined at Rand Refinery – one of the world’s premier gold refineries – with its rich history making it one of the world’s most beloved bullion coins and an excellent addition to any investor’s portfolio.

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