How Much is a Gold Lira Worth?

The Italy 20 Lira Gold Coin is an impressive numismatic treasure coveted by history and art enthusiasts alike. Its intricate design and association with Italian royalty make it a desirable addition to any investment or retirement portfolio.

The reverse side of this coin features an image of King Umberto I with mustachioed hairstyle and his name as well as its mintage date.


Weight plays an integral part in determining the value of gold lira coins, since their pure and durable metal content determines much of their price. BullionByPost offers 20 Lira gold coins in different weight ranges from 1/10oz up to half-ounce coins for sale on our platform.

These gold liras display Victor Emmanuel II as King of Italy on their front. On their reverse is also printed the date and denomination “L. 50.”

On the back of each coin is displayed the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Italy surrounded by wreath and the phrase, “REGNO D’ITALIA.” These 20 lira coins make an excellent choice for investors looking to diversify their investment portfolio with world gold pieces; although not meeting IRS requirements for inclusion in an IRA account they make an excellent addition to any rare or historic coin collection.


Gold purity is an integral component of coin and bullion bar values. It directly affects quality, durability and ensures you receive what was promised – it ensures you receive what was purchased!

Gold can typically be identified by its purity, measured in terms of karats (kt or ct). Karats divide an alloy into 24 parts while fineness takes into account how many parts per 1000.

Higher purity gold is more desirable, reflecting light beautifully and offering greater durability and strength than lower purity options. But lower purity gold still acts as an effective hedge against inflation while providing potential returns of greater returns. You can check a coin’s purity by checking for hallmark stamps or taking it to an assay office – often required legally when purchasing jewellery – where highly trained professionals test its purity before stamping its hallmark and applying a hallmark.


The 20 Lire Gold Coin is an exquisite numismatic treasure that celebrates Italy’s vibrant cultural and artistic legacy. Distinguished by its intricate design, connections to Italian royalty, and historical significance within monetary history – making it highly sought-after collectible among gold enthusiasts.

Minted across Italy at various locations, these coins feature the portrait of either Victor Emmanuel II or Umberto I as the reigning Italian King on their obverse side. Depending on the year of minting, each coin may display one or both portraits.

Italian coins offer an ideal way to add distinctive numismatic value and variety to your collection, as they feature low premium fractional gold bullion coins that make a perfect stacking option. Purchase one today!


Gold lira values vary depending on where they were minted, such as Italy where their intrinsic historical and numismatic value are enhanced by being associated with their monarchy. Furthermore, due to their high gold content a gold lira often makes an excellent investment choice.

Gold lira coins are especially prized due to their rarity. Minted in limited numbers, today fewer of these rare coins remain circulating – thus leading to a higher numismatic premium over time.

Condition is another key factor when it comes to coin value. Collectors tend to prioritize coins that are in excellent condition with detailed engravings and glossy surfaces for this reason, reflecting its overall quality and preservation. Collectors will pay more for mint condition coins.

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