How Safe is a Precious Metals IRA?

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Physical precious metals may add some flair to your portfolio, but they should not be the sole means for retirement investments. You should consult financial, tax and legal experts.


Many investors choose precious metals as part of their retirement portfolio for inflation hedging and security reasons, whether through exchange-traded funds that track specific precious metals or buying physical bullion coins and bars from top mints.

These investments do come at a price, however, as the IRS taxes the metals as collectibles and investors must take required minimum distributions when reaching age 72 – this may cause them to sell them prematurely and incur tax penalties.

To store physical precious metals tax-efficiently in an IRA, the most tax-efficient approach is to set up a self-directed retirement account with a trusted custodian and purchase from a reliable dealer. A trusted IRA metals dealer should store bullion at an offsite facility equipped with advanced security features capable of picking up vibrations or signs of attempted theft; keeping bullion at home in your safe or closet would breach IRS rules and could result in serious tax implications.


A precious metals IRA is a type of self-directed Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that enables investors to purchase physical gold, silver and platinum bullion coins or bullion for investment purposes. Such accounts provide investors with a way of diversifying their portfolio while mitigating risks by adding tangible assets which retain their value over time.

To open a precious metals IRA, it is necessary to find an approved custodian by the IRS who will assist in selecting an approved depository where you can store physical assets.

To maximize the returns from your precious metals IRA, it is important to select a dealer with an excellent track record in the industry. Furthermore, take time to research fees, accreditation and storage options offered by any given company before selecting one for yourself. Finally, remember that keeping precious metals stored at home could expose it to burglary threats and other security threats; so it would be prudent to store your assets with a third-party vault instead.


When it comes to precious metals IRA custodians, many offer services that may not be in your best interest. Some promote the risky idea that you could store physical precious metals yourself at home safely; but don’t highlight all of its possible pitfalls, including that the IRS might disallow this strategy and demand taxes and penalties from your entire IRA balance.

Augusta’s IRA processing team prioritizes customer success over aggressive sales tactics or industry jargon. Their education team further contributes to this process, helping customers understand their options when it comes to precious metal IRAs.

Consider when investing in precious metals IRAs is selecting a broker or custodian who can facilitate transactions, storage, administration and administration of physical assets such as gold. Find one who offers transparent pricing as well as flexibility that fits individual investor requirements is key.


An investment in physical gold, silver and platinum bullion may provide your retirement portfolio with needed diversification. Since physical bullion doesn’t depend on stock markets for its value, these precious metals tend to remain unaffected by market fluctuations that affect paper assets like stocks.

Due to gold’s tendency for prices to move in the opposite direction of paper assets, investing in gold can help mitigate inflation risk. However, investors must remember not to place all their retirement savings in precious metals alone and that an effective portfolio should include a diverse mix of assets.

To ensure a diversified IRA portfolio, only use coins and bars that meet IRS standards. Augusta Precious Metals offers products like American Eagle gold coins and silver bullion as well as Credit Suisse PAMP Suisse bars that meet these minimum fineness requirements. You could also invest in ETFs or mutual funds tracking precious metal prices and indexes instead to achieve similar diversification benefits without all the hassle involved in buying physical assets yourself.

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