How Safe is a Precious Metals IRA?

An investment in precious metals IRA is an alternative investment vehicle that enables you to diversify your retirement account with physical gold, silver, platinum or palladium holdings for protection against inflation and as a hedge against fluctuations in the stock market.

Before investing in a precious metals IRA, be aware of potential hidden costs.


Investment in precious metals is an excellent way to diversify a retirement portfolio, but it’s essential that investors understand all associated fees. Many dealers who do not hold an official investment license charge additional fees that increase profits without being disclosed up-front; it would be prudent for an investor to seek guidance from financial professionals with fiduciary responsibilities towards their clients.

Keep in mind that precious metals remain highly volatile investments, tending to rise during times of market instability but then fall when stocks recover. Experts typically suggest only investing 10% of retirement savings in precious metals as a hedge.


As with any investment vehicle, precious metals IRAs come with their own set of taxes, so it is wise to consult a qualified financial advisor prior to making decisions about investing in such accounts.

Drew Feutz, a certified financial planner with Market Street Wealth Management Advisors, noted that precious metals IRAs typically charge higher fees than other retirement accounts. These fees often include setup costs, transaction fees, custodial fees and physical asset storage fees.

As with other IRAs, your precious metals IRA requires selecting a custodian. A good custodian should work closely with metal dealers in order to offer as wide a selection of options as possible. Furthermore, you must store precious metals at an approved depository facility – keeping precious metals at home is against the law and you may face taxes and penalties should you choose full or partial distribution.


Relying too heavily on one type of investment for retirement savings can be risky; should that asset fail, it could leave your future finances devastated. That is why experts advise diversifying investments.

Precious metals provide one solution. Their historical track record demonstrates their tendency to increase in value during times of economic stress and can serve as an effective hedge against inflation and market instability.

Select a custodian with competitive fees and an impressive product selection, along with excellent customer service and transparent costs.

Avoid companies that try to pressure you into investing in their precious metals IRA. Augusta Precious Metals provides information about avoiding high-pressure tactics that may lead to fraud, and before making major decisions regarding your retirement account it would be prudent to consult an independent financial advisor who can assist in making sure the precious metals IRA is the appropriate option for you.


Investment in precious metals via an IRA is an ideal way to diversify your portfolio and mitigate against paper asset volatility, while acting as a hedge against inflation – gold tends to increase in value when purchasing power declines for fiat currencies such as dollars.

Selecting an IRA provider is an important decision, so do your research on their reputation, accreditation, fees and storage options before making your choice. Prioritise providers with high customer reviews as well as those offering trusted storage locations for physical metals.

Reputable companies will provide information about the metals you can invest in, including items meeting IRS regulations for IRAs. Furthermore, they will educate you on diversification as a strategy against price fluctuations; and will not attempt to pressure you into any particular purchase through misleading gimmicks and lies like some companies do.

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