How to Prove Ownership of Gold Bars

How do you prove ownership of gold bars

Gold bullion dealers can quickly verify the authenticity of a gold bar with an acid test.

Today most bars come equipped with an assay card similar to a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). This provides extra confidence for buyers.

LBMA Good Delivery bars, for instance, are manufactured to a minimum purity of 99.5 fine gold and stored securely.


Gold bars can be obtained through reliable bullion dealers. Such dealers specialize in selling physical assets and must abide by anti-money laundering regulations, to prevent counterfeit or stolen bullion from entering the marketplace. Aside from having an established track record and offering competitive prices, these companies should also be able to verify authenticity with evidence provided from third party testing services.

Gold bullion is an increasingly popular investment. People purchase it to diversify their portfolio and protect themselves against inflation. Unfortunately, its unique density makes it hard to replicate. Yet crude copies still exist of coins and bars made out of gold.

Proof of gold bar authenticity can be determined by verifying their manufacturer, weight and purity as well as inspection by a jeweller. Modern bars often come sealed with an assay card – similar to credit card-type COAs but featuring details of size, weight and fineness which match up with its serial number at the refiner.


Gold bars differ from gold coins in that they don’t possess legal tender value and cannot be confiscated by government authorities, yet that does not protect you against illegally imported gold or production with slave labor.

Reputable gold dealers mark their bars with the refiner’s hallmark and serial number to guarantee authenticity, and these bars should also be tamper-resistant, making it impossible for someone to remove small pieces without leaving evidence of tampering.

Another factor you should take into account when buying gold is whether or not it has been approved by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Only manufacturers approved by LBMA may produce bars eligible for use in retirement accounts that qualify. This ensures you’re purchasing high-quality bullion that can easily be verified, and to find them you should search online using keywords such as “gold bullion dealer near me.” They should also be listed with resources like Better Business Bureau and Business Consumer Alliance so you have visibility into their business practices.


Gold and silver bullion can be stored safely in various ways. One approach is storing it at home in an airtight, waterproof container; this will protect it from fire and theft while simultaneously keeping as few people aware as possible of its existence. Doing this may reduce theft risks.

Store gold safely and affordably by placing it in a safe. A safe provides convenient and cost-effective storage solutions, but make sure that it is easily accessible for both you and others who may access your belongings. Likewise, check whether your homeowner’s policy covers large amounts of jewelry or valuables as many policies don’t provide coverage beyond a certain limit.

Storage options vary – for instance, physical dealer vaults often cost more. Furthermore, remember to insure your bullion should you choose this route.


Gold bars are a popular form of bullion for investors looking to protect their wealth against currency fluctuations, but when considering purchase it is crucial to factor in costs associated with storage and insurance – it is recommended to store gold either at home or with an independent third party like a bank vault so as to reduce any risk from theft or natural disasters.

Many gold bars will bear an LBMA good delivery stamp that allows buyers to easily verify the authenticity of the bar, and many also come equipped with an assay card that contains technical specifications regarding metal weight, purity and dimensions.

Gold bars come in multiple sizes; 1 oz is often chosen because it can easily fit in home safe deposit boxes or bank vaults, while larger options such as 1 kg can hold more wealth within smaller spaces.

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