How to Put Gold in an IRA

IRAs can hold many forms of investments, with precious metals and real estate typically not permitted. If you want to invest in gold with an IRA, however, finding a custodian who supports self-directed IRAs allowing physical bullion purchases at an IRS approved depository should be your next step.

IRA Custodians

Physical gold, silver and other precious metal investments can be an excellent way to diversify your retirement portfolio. A self-directed individual retirement account (IRA) with a precious metals dealer allows you to buy gold, silver and other commodities with tangible values that have tangible values – tax-free when you reach retirement age!

Before selecting a gold IRA company, carefully evaluate their fees. These could include an initial setup fee, annual maintenance fees and storage/insurance costs in addition to purchasing physical commodities themselves.

An experienced IRA company can assist in selecting and storing precious metal investments according to IRS regulations. Furthermore, they will assist with making rollovers from pre-tax or Roth IRAs into your new gold IRA account.

IRA Dealers

Gold IRA investors typically establish a self-directed individual retirement account (IRA). This type of IRA enables workers to invest in alternative assets, like precious metals. Their IRA custodian (typically a bank, trust company or credit union) works closely with them in finding an approved dealer who can purchase bullion metals on their behalf and store them safely deposit facilities.

These facilities meet Internal Revenue Service (IRS) storage and insurance requirements. Furthermore, they have an impressive track record in protecting investor investments.

The IRS mandates that physical precious metals must be stored in an institutional vault or depository rather than being kept at home or personal safes, to avoid tax implications associated with distribution from an IRA account and subsequent income tax liabilities for investors under age 59 1/2. Some IRA companies charge extra to store or insure clients’ metals.

IRA Rollovers

If you’re thinking about adding gold to your retirement account, be aware of IRS guidelines. In particular, highly refined bullion must be kept at a secure depository – any attempt at self-storage could incur fines from the IRS.

Second, you must find an investment company and storage facility for your precious metals that specialize in gold IRAs. Such organizations will help guide clients through the rollover process while offering ongoing support services. Furthermore, these providers should possess all required licenses, registrations, insurances and bonds in place to protect investors.

Many investors utilize gold IRAs to diversify their investment portfolios and protect themselves against inflation or economic uncertainties, with gold often outstripping other assets when other investments decline in value. Although gold has several advantages over its peers when investing, it’s wise to consult an investment professional prior to allocating large quantities. They can help determine if this strategy matches up with your retirement goals.

IRA Storage

Your physical precious metals purchased for an IRA must be stored safely, in an IRS-approved depository. Therefore, investors cannot store them themselves at home as this would constitute a distribution and be subject to income taxation.

Gold IRAs typically involve custodian fees that cover management of the account and storage for physical precious metals. Usually these annual costs cover storage, insurance and account maintenance – often higher for gold IRAs than other IRA accounts.

Many investors choose a gold IRA because it diversifies their retirement portfolio. But it’s important to keep in mind that gold prices can be just as volatile as stocks or bonds if the economy falters, and its value could even decrease significantly if this occurs. As such, prior to making such an important financial decision it’s recommended to consult a financial professional and seek professional advice prior to investing.

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