How to Select a Gold IRA Company

Gold IRAs can provide an excellent way to diversify and protect against inflation while diversifying your retirement portfolio. Unfortunately, however, their setup and management can be expensive due to multiple fees involved (one-time setup fee plus annual costs associated with precious metal dealer, custodian and depository services).

Self-directed IRAs

American Hartford Gold offers an assortment of precious metal assets suitable for an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Their prices are competitive, and they charge a flat fee to store and ship physical assets to customers’ homes. Unfortunately, this company does not disclose details regarding their fees on their website; to receive more information you must speak with a representative directly.

Self-directed IRAs allow their owner to select more varied investments. Such options could include physical gold coins and bars, real estate investments and alternative assets. Investors must be mindful of certain rules that govern these accounts. They must find a custodian willing to manage non-traditional IRAs without breaching IRS guidelines; for example investing in property owned by disqualified people is prohibited as is employing disqualified personnel for maintenance work on property owned by them IRA.

IRA-eligible precious metals

If you’re thinking about opening a gold IRA, it is essential that you conduct thorough research first. Factors to keep in mind include fees and customer service – find a company offering competitive pricing as well as exceptional service; reading reviews from past customers could also prove valuable.

Gold IRA companies assist their clients in purchasing and storing physical precious metals that are approved by the IRS for retirement accounts, including gold bullion bars and coins, silver bullion and platinum. Some companies even offer an array of numismatic coins; however, you should bear in mind that these may incur higher commission charges than standard bullion.

An ideal gold IRA provider will offer transparent fee structures and flexible portfolio options, in addition to high levels of customer service and impartial educational resources about precious metal investing – so that you can make better informed decisions regarding your investment decisions.


Gold IRA rollovers can be an excellent way to invest in physical precious metals. Before making any decisions, however, it’s crucial that you conduct thorough research first. When choosing your gold IRA provider, the ideal company would offer transparency and competitive prices on purchases, storage options and buyback policies; additionally they should have excellent customer service standards and adhere to IRS regulations.

First and foremost, finding a qualified custodian is of utmost importance as they will hold and manage your precious metals while managing paperwork for your IRA. Reputable custodians possessing extensive expertise in Gold IRA management should charge fair fees while providing access to various precious metals.

After you’ve secured a custodian, the next step should be rolling over your old retirement funds into a Gold IRA. This process generally entails submitting an account application and converting them from your old IRA into the new one.


As part of your research before selecting a gold IRA company, make sure you carefully examine their fees and storage options as well as who will act as custodian and depository for your precious metals. A custodian performs administrative duties and ensures your IRA adheres to IRS regulations while the depository stores them while offering insurance protection.

Gold IRA companies typically charge an account setup fee, which covers initial work to open and establish an IRA and generate paperwork. This one-time fee usually costs $50. Other charges may include annual account maintenance fees and precious metal storage fees which may either be flat rates or scaled according to your assets value.

Before selecting a gold IRA company, always do research on its dealer by researching their operating length of time, BBB rating and membership of industry associations. Furthermore, consumer advocacy sites or reviews could provide further confirmation.

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