Putting Gold Into Your Retirement Portfolio – Should You Do It?

In the world of savings and investment options, finding the right assets and holdings to invest in can be complicated and intimidating. Many people choose to go the route of a 401K plan through their employer, choosing the most popular, simple, and direct plans provided to them. However, there are more options! One of these options is to invest your retirement savings into gold. This method of savings is referred to as a Gold IRA. The ways you can invest in gold are many, but some of the most common include investing in the mining companies that produce the gold, buying gold jewelry, investing in gold bars and metal via a Gold Mutual Fund, and many more!

The steps to transfer your savings to a Gold IRA are easy and have been shown in the past years to help people grow their savings immensely. By obtaining a IRA Custodian, an individual or organization the government trusts to back your savings with gold investments, transferring your financial assets to a gold investment of your choice, and tracking your investment with your IRA Custodian, you could be on your way to growing and prospering from your retirement investment in the gold market.

Pro’s of Investing in a Gold IRA

With so many options for investing your savings in gold, many assume that due to the high price and value of gold in the current market, investing may be costly and difficult. However, because the price of gold has always been seen economically having an upward trend of value in the long run, the investments made in gold are seen as profitable no matter the amount of the investment. Another wonderful part of investing in a Gold IRA is by working with your IRA Custodian, this type of investment is seen as a Self Directed IRA, meaning you have complete control of this investment. When you invest your savings in gold, this type of investment is completely up to you.

Your money is your choice and you get to collaborate with experienced members of the gold investment market to choose the best type of gold investment for you and your money. Possibly the most important benefit to investing in a Gold IRA is that gold is mostly immune to things heavily affecting normal retirement savings accounts, like inflation over time. These factors can diminish an individual’s savings over time and cause financial instability by affecting the return you may get when it comes time to dip into those savings. With a Gold IRA, this is not a concern. Your savings will have grown, no matter the current state of inflation or economic hardships the American economy may be in.

Con’s of Investing in a Gold IRA

Although it’s a short list, the downsides of a gold IRA investment do exist and you should have some knowlegde before investing in gold and decide if the investment is best for you and your savings. Gold is seen as a non-traditional investment in the current economy. Throughout history, gold has always been valuable, however, the types, kinds, grade, and purity of the gold you are investing in today is usually limited. Due to the many kinds of gold investments, from mining companies to the physical gold in a deposit box, gold is not a common investment and therefore, many financial institutions have limited options for investing. Luckily, in the global market we are so fortunate to play an active role in, with research and your IRA Custodian, you can still find an option that works for you.

Another aspect of gold investments to consider is that there is a large amount of personal responsibility when investing in gold. You choose the companies or products to invest in and you have to be able to track and understand your investment to be sure it is what is best for your financial future. Because of the large amount of personal responsibility and the lack of experienced personnel who understand the market, most employers do not offer gold investment options for your 401K, and this option usually has to be sought out by the individual. But with a bit of effort, research, and personal responsibility, investing in gold with your retirement savings could be the best thing to put your money and time to best use in growing your investments. By joining the millions of other people investing in gold with their retirement savings, you too could be saving and growing your investments over time!

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