Investing While on SSDI

Can you have investments while on SSDI

Investment and rental income do not impact SSDI benefits; however, their effect can differ slightly between SSDI and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

The Social Security Administration will only consider your countable assets – items that can be turned into cash – when evaluating if you meet disability criteria. Thankfully, most investments and savings vehicles do not count against this limit.

Passive Income

Passive income can provide a huge boost to your savings, and there are numerous ways it can be earned – such as renting out your home or storage space, writing an eBook/digital guide/monetizing YouTube channels/selling stock photos etc.

Maturating your artistic talent can also help generate passive income. Though results may take time to manifest themselves, with enough dedication your revenue stream may continue coming in for years.

Note that even passive income can affect SSDI benefits if it puts you over the limit. To protect yourself and keep from overspending on SSDI benefits, use SmartAsset’s free financial advisor match tool and consult a RamseyTrusted tax professional (like one of our Endorsed Local Providers ) so you file correctly and pay all applicable taxes; visit our advisor page if needed for guidance in finding an advisor.

Real Estate

SSDI recipients who own property that produces rental income must ensure it is maintained in an appropriate manner or else the Social Security Administration may determine they no longer suffer from a disability that prevents them from engaging in substantial gainful activity, and may revoke benefits accordingly.

Real property, which refers to any assets built upon land such as homes or garages, excluding personal effects such as automobiles and money set aside for monthly expenses such as mortgage payments or rent payments, is known as real property.

When applying for Social Security Disability Income or Supplemental Security Income (SSI/SSDI), Social Security will conduct an interview and appraise your assets, gathering information during ongoing reviews. If the value of your property or any cash outside an ABLE account exceeds SSI’s resource limits, your application could be denied and benefits terminated; to protect yourself against this happening to you, consult an Allentown disability attorney to assess your estate before beginning this process.


Stocks or company shares, known as equities, form an essential part of many people’s investment portfolios. Stocks have the ability to grow wealth over time while simultaneously becoming vulnerable. Public exchanges provide investors with access to these securities allowing everyday people to participate.

Companies selling shares invite individuals to acquire part ownership in the corporation by purchasing fractional ownership shares, providing an avenue to raise capital to fund projects while simultaneously attracting new investors. This method helps raise both capital for funding purposes while simultaneously drawing in fresh investors.

People investing in stocks anticipate their share prices will appreciate over time; after all, as more stocks grow in value over time, the more money can be made by shareholders. Stock price fluctuation depends on many factors including macroeconomic trends and investor sentiment; it can also vary based on whether the company issues dividends – a portion of profit distributed among shareholders as payments to them.


An IRA (individual retirement account) allows you to invest tax-deductibly each year and withdraw tax-free earnings upon retirement. While you are collecting SSDI payments, traditional and Roth IRA accounts may still allow additional contributions; just remember not to exceed what SSDI allows!

As opposed to rental properties, investment income typically will not have an adverse impact on SSDI benefits. However, services exceeding normal property maintenance may cause the Social Security Administration (SSA) to consider this work and revoke your disability benefits. Instead of trying to do everything yourself with this aspect of property maintenance yourself, hire a competent property manager/maintenance worker.

Farmer & Morris Law, LLC can assist those approved for disability benefits who are concerned about how their assets could impede eligibility, with knowledgeable attorneys available to determine eligibility and complete necessary paperwork relating to SSDI or SSI benefits, prepare appropriate forms and represent in any legal appeals that may arise.

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