Is Gold a Good Investment to Protect Against Inflation?

Gold has long been considered an effective hedge against inflation. But can gold really deliver on this promise?

Gold’s relationship to money supply is complex. While gold may not offer as high returns as stocks or bonds, it can help investors guard against high inflation while providing diversification benefits.

It is a time-tested friend of investors

Gold has long been recognized as an investment with long-term stability, drawing many investors looking for protection against inflation as it doesn’t fluctuate like stocks and bonds do. Furthermore, its low correlation to the stock market makes it an attractive asset during times of geopolitical crisis or unrest.

Gold may have once been seen as an effective hedge against inflation, but its performance hasn’t met expectations over recent inflationary periods. Gold could even produce negative returns. So it might be prudent to diversify your portfolio with other assets instead.

Investors can purchase gold coins through an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), but they also have the option of investing in exchange-traded products and gold mining companies that provide similar benefits without storage and security issues. TIPS also make an appealing option, though any semiannual coupon interest received will be taxed as income.

It is a long-term investment

Gold can help secure your purchasing power and diversify your portfolio, whether in physical gold bars or exchange-traded funds. Gold also serves as a stable anchor in a volatile market and acts as an effective hedge against inflation.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that gold may not provide adequate short-term inflation protection; from 1980-1984 inflation averaged 6.5% annually while gold prices dropped an average of 10% per year during this time. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) have much less correlation to inflation and may provide better long-term protection from it.

Experts generally suggest holding at least 5-10% of your investment portfolio in gold as it can protect it from crashes in stock prices or fiat currencies as well as geopolitical tensions and economic recession.

It is a safe investment

Gold can be an effective hedge against inflation and offers stable returns; however, you should keep in mind that gold investments don’t always produce impressive results; you must pay a premium when purchasing it which could reduce gains as manufacturing, distribution or other costs can add an additional charge to its cost of ownership.

Gold usually performs better during inflationary times, yet has failed as an inflation hedge this year. Wise investors understand the importance of diversifying their portfolio by adding securities with low correlation to the market in order to reduce overall risk.

Gold can be an ideal investment during times of economic instability, providing protection from sudden financial turmoil and helping protect its value over time. People in their twenties and thirties especially can reap the benefits from investing in gold due to having decades of savings to put away – which means taking more risks than elderly individuals can.

It is a good hedge against inflation

Gold has long been known to serve as an effective hedge against inflation, being one of the few assets which actually increases in value as inflation does. However, it’s wise not to allocate more than 10% of your portfolio towards gold to avoid over-allocating and becoming vulnerable in times of economic crises.

Gold may not provide an effective short-term hedge against inflation, as evidenced by its poor performance during times of high inflation relative to stocks and cash. This may be influenced by low interest rates causing inflationary spikes to coincide with low asset classes such as stocks. Furthermore, its correlation to changes in consumer prices was weak until Q4 ’07 to Q2 ’08 during the Great Financial Crisis when there was significant CPI inflation (Chart 2). Yet gold still deserves consideration in your investment strategy for other reasons.

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