Is it Better to Buy 1 Oz Gold Bar Or Coin?

Is it better to buy 1 oz gold bar or coin

Gold bars can be an attractive way to invest in gold, as their premiums tend to be lower than coins. Unfortunately, larger bars may become less desirable over time and could prove more difficult to sell later.

1 oz gold bars are increasingly sought-after among investors because they come with an economical premium and can easily be resold. Furthermore, these pure and well-made bullion bars help protect investors against market volatility.

Investing in Gold

Gold may provide an effective hedge against inflation, diversify your portfolio or serve as an alternative investment vehicle; but before adding it to your portfolio it is wise to do your research first and fully understand any associated risks.

Gold prices generally appreciate when other investments decline, acting as a stabilizing force and helping you preserve purchasing power and pass along wealth to future generations. Furthermore, unlike stocks or bonds which may incur capital gains taxes over time, selling your gold can usually be done quickly for cash in days rather than taking months or even years!


1 oz gold bars may be smaller in the industry, but they hold immense value. One-ounce bars make an ideal starting point for new investors looking to begin collecting precious metals or established investors looking to add their collection – they provide a solid return and are ideal for starting from the bottom up!

Gold bars offer you the ability to invest in gold bullion without breaking the bank, and are typically sold at a relatively low premium over its spot price. Plus, when it’s time to sell off your investments, gold bars can easily be liquidated.

These 1 oz gold bars, boasting minimalist designs, are the epitome of sophistication. Available from Johnson Matthey, Valcambi, or Argor-Heraeus refineries – each will come branded with its logo, weight purity rating, serial number – providing proof that this investment has been produced legitimately.


Gold bars form the core of many investment portfolios. No matter your experience with precious metals investing, 1 oz gold bars from trusted private mints provide a reliable way to diversify holdings.

Gold bullion bars are carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans using precision and artistry, adhering to the highest standards of craftsmanship and purity. Their weight and glossy sheen add visual appeal and provide visual comfort.

Many 1 oz gold bars, such as those produced by the Royal Mint, PAMP Suisse and Johnson Matthey, feature markings that display their 99.99% purity and weight for verification of authenticity and manufacturer identification purposes. Furthermore, these marks help differentiate among different producers to help investors ensure they’re purchasing an investment grade product at a fair price.


Gold bars are among the easiest forms of precious metals to store and own, made out of pure gold with minimalist designs that make them easy to store. Furthermore, each bar comes complete with an assay card from its respective mint to verify and authenticate your investment.

Coins offer more expensive investments with greater returns in times of economic or market instability, yet bonds offer lower premiums, making them a more accessible investment choice. They make for great additions to any portfolio with potential for higher returns during economic uncertainty or market fluctuations.

No matter where you stand as an investor, 1 oz gold bullion bars will add both value and prestige to any collection.


Gold bullion is widely recognized as an invaluable investment asset that should form part of any sound portfolio’s diversification strategy. According to economic experts, an ideal portfolio should consist of at least 5% assets held as precious metals.

Gold bars provide investors with an excellent way to purchase gold at a more cost-effective premium than government issued bullion coins. Kitco works exclusively with LBMA-approved refiners to produce one ounce gold bullion bars that are widely accepted among dealers internationally.

Many of our 1 oz gold bars also include an assay card that certifies their purity and weight for added peace of mind for investors. An assay card acts as an important verification mechanism that prevents counterfeiting or tampering, making such gold bars even more valuable and potentially commanding higher resale prices than those without one.

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