Is the Gold Buffalo Coin Real?

Is the gold buffalo coin real

The Gold Buffalo coin, first issued by the US Mint in 2006, marks their inaugural pure 24 karat gold bullion coin. Inspired by James Earle Fraser’s 1913 Buffalo Nickel design and bearing its signature buffalo design, its inscriptions read “In God We Trust, United States of America e Pluribus Unum.”

The obverse features a portrait of a Native American, depicting Iron Tail (Lakota), Two Moons (Cheyenne), and John Big Tree (Seneca) chiefs as models for these coins, along with weight, denomination, and gold content inscriptions.


The Gold Buffalo coin features a profile portrait of a Native American, drawn by James Earle Fraser – an artist, sculptor and pupil of Augustus Saint-Gaudens – from 1913 Type 1 Buffalo Nickel design.

Fraser created an image for this gold bullion coin’s obverse that displays both “LIBERTY” and features from three actual Native American chiefs – Iron Tail of Lakota Sioux, Big Tree from Kiowa tribe and Two Moons from Cheyenne clan – who can all be found throughout history.

The Gold Buffalo is unique among bullion coins in that its reverse side features an image of an American bison that pays homage to Black Diamond from Central Park Zoo. Below the bison are its weight, content and purity inscribed; making this coin suitable for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).


On its reverse side is an image of an American buffalo. This design was inspired by Black Diamond, who lived at Central Park Zoo during early 20th century. Additionally, there is information regarding face value, weight and gold purity engraved into this coin.

In 2006, the Buffalo Gold began production as the United States Mint’s inaugural 24k gold coin with legal tender value of $50 and comes backed by government backing. Collectible proof editions also exist backed by law as legal tender.

The American Gold Buffalo is a highly popular option among investors seeking government-backed bullion with a numismatic appeal. On one side of this coin is depicted the head of a Native American chieftain while its reverse features the iconic Buffalo.


The American Buffalo gold bullion coin has quickly become a favorite among investors and collectors due to its high purity gold content, classic design reminiscent of the popular Buffalo Nickel coin and government backing. Each Gold Buffalo coin contains one ounce of pure 24 karat gold weight.

The coin’s obverse depicts a Native American male profile, taken from James Earle Fraser’s sketches of three real-life tribal chiefs from three tribes: Iron Tail of Sioux, Big Tree from Kiowa and Two Moons from Cheyenne.

The coin’s reverse side features an exquisite American bison that may have been inspired by Black Diamond at Central Park Zoo. Inscriptions on it read, “United States of America”, “In God We Trust”, and “E Pluribus Unum”.


Gold Buffalo coins are produced using 24-karat pure gold and have been recognized by the U.S. government as legal tender. Additionally, these unique precious metal investments make an excellent way to diversify a portfolio with precious metal investments.

The coin’s obverse depicts a Native American chief designed by James Earle Fraser from a composite of images from three separate tribal leaders. On its reverse is an elegant depiction of Black Diamond from New York’s Central Park Zoo; and finally on its edge sits a majestic depiction of a buffalo.

Since 2006, the United States Mint has produced one-ounce Gold Buffalo bullion coins. Additionally, a proof version has been available as an investment piece suitable for collectors; its production process produces high-quality finishes with cameo contrast so raised elements appear frosted while background fields become mirror images.

Legal Tender

The gold buffalo coin is an exquisite bullion coin featuring classic American design, boasting a high face value. However, its nominal denomination of $50 represents less of its gold bullion content and premiums.

This coin first made its debut at the United States Mint in 2006 as the inaugural 24-karat bullion coin to be produced annually since then.

Coins produced at the US Mint’s facility in West Point, New York and containing gold mined from within America are highly prized among collectors and investors.

The coin’s obverse and reverse designs depict iconic American bison and Native American chieftains from 1913 Buffalo Nickel designed by James Earle Fraser (a student of Augustus Saint-Gaudens) with weight, purity and denominational information for $50 displayed.

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