Is There a Better Investment Than Gold?

Is there a better investment than gold

Gold has long been considered an attractive investment option due to its history of acting as a buffer in times of economic volatility and countercyclicality (its value tends to increase when other assets decline).

Gold may not generate income and is difficult to liquidate quickly; here are some alternatives for investing in gold.

Real Estate

Gold investing may also be worthwhile, yet lacks the same liquidity of real estate investments. Gold requires a large sum to purchase and reaps only minimal returns due to devalued paper currencies that render profits marginal; additionally, this taxable investment requires large upfront costs for purchase and ongoing payments.

Real estate investment can be more stable and lucrative than gold due to rising property values, providing steady stream of rental income. But before making any decision it is essential to understand all types of properties available as investments before consulting a professional financial advisor in making your choice. What type of investment suits your portfolio best will depend upon its goals, risk tolerance and personal preferences but both options provide diversification benefits against inflation – it really comes down to personal preference!

Electric Vehicle Metals

A new exchange-traded fund dedicated to metals used for producing electric vehicles signals investors’ growing enthusiasm for energy transition themes.

An electric vehicle (EV) typically requires several kilograms of metals such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, graphite, aluminium and rare earth elements for fueling. Mining these precious resources takes an environmental toll; once mined they must then be shipped around the world and undergo complex chemical processing to become fuel for our vehicles.

EVMT is an Invesco ETF designed to track the performance of metals such as nickel, copper, cobalt and iron ore. Its initial index includes commodities like these.

Aluminum demand may rise as electric car sales increase, as this lightweight metal can make cars lighter and more fuel-efficient while cutting costs and carbon emissions. While mining operations exist worldwide, most global reserves of this metal are concentrated in certain regions making its supply vulnerable.


Longer-term, stocks offer superior returns than gold. While gold represents nothing more than an abstract piece of metal, stocks entitle shareholders to ownership shares in dynamic businesses with tangible dividends and earnings that compound over time.

Gallup polled Americans about their long-term investments and found that 26% selected gold as their favorite long-term investment – almost double from 20% who named it as their favorite long-term investment in 2022. Meanwhile, stocks only made the cut at 18% of respondents; savings accounts and bonds outshone it by far. Although gold could serve as an effective countercyclical asset during a down market to add liquidity to your portfolio, over the long run stocks may provide better results – especially with compound interest taking effect over time!


Gold can be an excellent asset diversifier and should be part of your long-term portfolio, yet if you seek high returns then other investments should be explored further.

Gold does not pay dividends and compound wealth over time like stocks can. Therefore, making it less suitable for individual investors.

Gold’s demand is driven more by industrial applications than investor interest in it as an asset class, so silver tends to be more popular with smaller retail investors looking for physical precious metals as a hold asset class.

Bonds are superior investments than gold because they tend to increase with economic growth and offer steady income-generating cash flow. Furthermore, bonds provide an effective hedge against declining stocks as well as being used to effectively manage inflation during recessions and have low correlations between them and stocks or bonds and commodities – these characteristics making bonds ideal investments during market volatility.

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