Italian 20 Lira Gold Coin

Italian 20 Lira Gold Coins are historical pieces that symbolize the beginning of modern European kingdom and nationhood, making them a suitable investment choice for retirement, investment or coin collecting portfolios.

Each coin was worth 20 liras – equivalent to today’s euro – and contained one fifth of an ounce (1867 troy oz).


On the obverse (front side of a coin) of an Italian 20 Lira gold bullion coin is depicted a portrait of the reigning monarch at the time of mintage – initially this featured King Umberto I, while later designs showcased Vittorio Emanuele III who served through two World Wars and Fascism in Italy.

These 20 Lira coins offer a fantastic way to bring a piece of Italy into your precious metals collection, with intrinsic, numismatic, and historical value that makes them perfect for retirement, investment, coin collecting portfolios or coin collecting collections.

These coins contain one fifth of an ounce, or.1867 Troy oz of gold and have a low premium over their cost compared to gold’s price, making them a good investment choice for investors seeking low risk, high return investments.


Each Gold 20 Lire Coin displays the simple coat of arms of Italy on its reverse. On its obverse is Victor Emmanuel III’s bust who served as King from 1900 until his death through two World Wars and Fascism’s rise and fall.

These coins make an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and provide added diversification benefits when it comes to retirement and investment accounts as well as collecting world currencies.

These gold coins make a wonderful addition to modern bullion collections as they match the Francs gold coin in size, purity and weight when produced for Latin Monetary Union in Europe. Each coin contains.1867 Troy oz of pure gold. They can be bought online through JM Bullion.


Italian 20 lira gold coins are among the most cost-effective bullion pieces to add to investment or retirement portfolios, boasting an approximate weight of.1867 oz and with similar dimensions and standards as Swiss, French and Belgian 20 franc pieces.

These coins feature different portraits of Italian Kings on their obverse side. Early issues featured King Victor Emanuel II while more recent issues featured mustache-sporting King Umberto I of Italy.

This coin once held legal tender face value within Italy before adopting the euro as currency, yet retains an intrinsic gold value and collectible quality that make it ideal for investments or retirement accounts.


Gold coins are measured according to their purity or fineness; pure 24 karat gold being of highest quality. Most coins contain some amount of other metals known as alloy, in order to reinforce them and alter their hue.

One method of testing the purity of gold coins is through the skin test. Simply rub the coin against your skin, looking out for any greenish or blue tint left by its rub against it; if that occurs, then it’s not pure gold.

Italian 20 lire gold coins are highly sought-after among collectors and bullion investors due to their inherent, numismatic, and historical value. These coins match in size and gold weight with French 20-franc coins adopted as currency by Italy when joining Latin Monetary Union in 1861.


Italy’s 20 Lire Gold Coin is an iconic historical piece dating back to the start of modern Italy and holds intrinsic, numismatic, and historic value. These coins make an excellent addition to retirement funds or coin collection portfolios.

These Italian gold bullion coins feature artistic and historical designs that set them apart from other gold bullion coins around the world. Containing a full fifth ounce (.1867 Troy oz), these pieces were manufactured at Italian mints across Sardinia, Florence Milan Naples Turin from 1861-2002.

Italian 20 Lire Gold Coins typically featured the portrait of the reigning monarch at the time of minting, such as Victor Emmanuel II or Umberto I, depending on which year of minting they were issued.

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