Medallion Stamps and Medallion Signature Guarantees

Medallion stamps (not to be confused with notary stamps) may be required when filing certain legal and financial documents, and can be obtained from banks, credit unions and broker-dealers that are members of STAMP (Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program).

Banks often limit their services to local customers only; one reader experienced this with Citibank, Wells Fargo and HSBC banks in his area.


Medallion signature guarantees are stamps from banks or financial institutions that serve as legal proof of your identity and legal authorization to transfer securities, and are much more trustworthy than public notary stamps. Banks, credit unions and broker-dealers typically provide medallion signature guarantees to their customers; you may need to visit one in person in order to complete this process; it’s wise to call ahead so someone is available when visiting a branch in person to complete this step.

As part of this process, you may need to present photo identification and a copy of any original documents requiring signature guarantee, such as share certificates, power of attorney forms, letters of authority or death certificates. Financial institutions may charge an administration fee which could range anywhere from free up to $100 depending on the nature of your transaction and your relationship with them.

Credit Unions

Credit unions that provide medallion signature guarantees may only give these to established members who are in good standing, to protect themselves against potential liability risks associated with offering these guarantees.

Verification for stamps requires extensive document review, taking anywhere between one to seven days for completion and costing as much as $50 for guarantee from credit union and $75 from banks.

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Medallion signature guarantees are an identity verification service offered by financial institutions such as banks and credit unions that participate in one of three select Medallion signature guarantee programs. They can be used for gifting securities, transferring assets after death of original owners and corporate transfers – among many other purposes.

As financial institutions are vulnerable to incurring liability when issuing gold medallion stamps, they do not distribute them freely or to all applicants; typically only existing members can obtain them. Therefore, when searching for one it is wise to conduct extensive research prior to visiting banks or financial institutions.

Contacting your transfer agent or issuer corporation and inquiring as to their stamp availability will likely be best. Otherwise, look online for information regarding where and how much the stamp costs.

Transfer Agents

Medallion Signature Guarantee allows financial institutions (banks, credit unions and broker-dealers) to secure documents by endorsing them with verified signatures of verified individuals – this protects against future liability should forged documents be discovered later. However, accessing this service may prove challenging as it requires specific documentation.

Transfer agents provide invaluable services – they can help replace your share certificate if it has been lost, destroyed, or stolen and verify an individual’s ownership through signature guarantees. To find one performing these services you may contact either your stockbroker or the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s investor relations section.

Many banks and financial institutions provide this service, although not every branch location does so. If yours doesn’t, try reaching out to another nearby institution that does; search tools or directories may also assist with finding providers.

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