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When it comes to investing in precious metals you are making a big step. There is no substitute for education and that is why many companies provide information on the gold investment process.

On this page we will take a closer look at some of the best gold IRA rollover kits from top rated gold dealers. In that way you’ll know what you get before filling out a form with your name, phone number and email.

Most companies have very professional staff that will answer your questions, help you in any way they can and even send a physical investment kit to your address, but you’ll need to submit real contact information to get your free gold investment kit. However, that doesn’t mean that you are obligated to do business with that particular company. In fact, we recommend you to contact a few different companies before making a decision. We will continue to add more gold investment kits to this page once we have reviewed them.


The American Bullion Gold Investment Kit

American Bullion is a major gold IRA company from the United States. They sell a american-bullion-gold-ira-kitvariety of bullion and other precious metal needs. To help provide for their customers, American Bullion provides their customers with some resources.

Two of the resources that American Bullion provides are part of their gold IRA kit. The first is “The Next Wave: Understanding The New Gold Rush by John Truman Wolfe.” The second tool is “The 7th Chapter: A Retirement Portfolio’s Most Important Yet Underutilized Element.”


The Next Wave

The Next Wave is a guidebook with six chapters. It is subtitled as Understanding The New Gold Rush. Each chapter helps you to understand investing in gold in the modern world. This is important because there are options available today that have never been available before.

Each chapter takes you through a different aspect of gold investment. The first chapter starts you off with a basic introduction to America’s history with national banks. It ends with talking about the establishment of the Federal Bank.

In Chapter Two we learn more about the Federal Bank or the Fed. It talks about the various parties that were involved in setting up the bank and where each party came from. Next, the booklet moves on to telling us about inflation. They mention that the important part of inflation is that it isn’t the value of goods rising, but how it is the fact that more money is in circulation than before.

Chapter Four is where we first start learning about the subject of this guidebook. It is when we start to learn about gold and silver. In this section the author mainly covers the history of gold and silver. It is also the first part of this publication where you can start to see a more upbeat tone. Other parts of the booklet are written in a more dramatic and less positive way.

In Chapter Five it talks about World War II and the downfall of monetary systems. Now they start to move into the world of telling that the World Bank being a negative monster and the history surrounding the bank. They also talk about how the ties between currency and gold were severed.

Chapter Six covers the topic of derivatives. You are able to see multiple charts and quotes to help you get a visualization of derivatives in various banks. This information can be used to help one make the decision by themselves and that banks aren’t the right place to keep their money.

In the conclusion the author wraps up their writing with information about the current route of gold. They also talk about how the death of the dollar is coming. They then back this up with the fact that gold has been a currency for ages and ages. It is the solution to the continuing currency, precious metals will always be there.

Chapter 7

Chapter Seven is a follow up to the original Next Wave guidebook. It includes updated information, quotes, and data that can make buying gold and silver an even more appealing option for investment.

This additional section also sets forward the fact that America will eventually have a meltdown of the currency. It also brings up the fact that there aren’t enough precious metals to go around for everyone in the United States. That is why people need to start preparing now. Those who prepare ahead of time will have what they need in order to live comfortably.

This gold IRA kit can help give you more information than some other kits will give you. Information found in this pamphlet isn’t just about investing. It spends a lot of time providing you with reasons to investment in gold in case you are still thinking about whether or not a precious metals IRA is the right choice for you.


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