Should I Invest My IRA in Gold?

Should I invest my IRA in gold

Gold is an attractive retirement savings investment option, providing practical uses as well as protection from inflation and economic uncertainty. But before making this type of purchase, one should keep several things in mind before investing.

Precious metal IRAs come with annual fees and costs similar to other IRAs, and require the same kind of custodianship, as well as being subject to taxes at a similar rate as their counterparts.


Add gold to your portfolio for diversification and protection against inflation, but make sure you understand the costs before making your decision. Gold IRAs tend to incur higher expenses than conventional IRAs because of additional management and storage fees, plus some companies charge ancillary fees that reduce after-tax returns.

Gold differs from other asset classes in that it does not pay dividends or interest, making it less reliable as an income-producing asset and worthy of only making up a minor portion of your portfolio. Furthermore, unlike stocks during times of economic instability or geopolitical unrest.

If you’re considering opening a gold IRA, select an IRS-approved custodian with low annual expenses and transparent, competitive pricing on purchases and storage fees; as well as strong customer service credentials. Avoid companies employing high-pressure sales tactics or offering misleading pricing structures.


Gold can provide an economic buffer during economic crises and is seen as an insurance against inflation. Furthermore, investing in precious metals may protect retirement savings for your heirs while passing them along more quickly than with traditional investments. But you must be wary of potential fees associated with investing in precious metals like one-time account setup fees, transaction costs and storage charges for physical assets.

Fees associated with self-directed IRAs tend to be higher than for traditional IRAs; especially self-directed IRAs (SDIRAs). An IRS-approved custodian must hold your physical assets. You should select an authorized precious metal dealer as your dealer of choice when choosing an SDIRA custodian.

As with any investment, earnings from gold investments may be subject to tax depending on your financial circumstances and tax bracket. Before investing, it would be advisable to consult a tax professional; usually IRAs containing physical assets are taxed at rates between 10%-37% for single filers and 28% when married couples file jointly.

Investment options

Precious metals offer retirement portfolios the benefit of diversification and can serve as a reliable hedge during times of economic distress and inflation. Furthermore, precious metals provide an appealing diversification option against riskier investments such as stocks.

Most financial advisors advise investing a portion of your retirement savings in precious metals like gold. This can be accomplished by opening up an Individual Retirement Account with an established precious metals dealer such as Goldco. With different types of Precious Metals IRA accounts available, it’s essential that you carefully assess their benefits and limitations prior to making a decision.

Gold IRAs require account setup fees, ongoing maintenance fees and storage costs that may lower profits. Furthermore, their lower liquidity compared to traditional investments makes selling your gold IRA assets difficult; these issues can be minimized by selecting an established metals dealer and making sure your precious metal IRA meets IRS guidelines.


Gold is an alternative asset that lacks the liquidity of paper assets, which may make withdrawing funds more challenging, particularly upon retirement. Therefore, investing in a precious metals IRA with an experienced custodian who can sell and store your precious metals safely may be best.

Gold IRAs can help diversify and safeguard against inflation by offering diversification for riskier investments and increasing when stock markets decrease. Gold prices often tend to rise when stocks decline.

Gold IRAs provide tax-deferred gains. However, you will still owe taxes on distributions before reaching age 59 1/2. When opening one or rolling over traditional or Roth IRAs into precious metals IRAs be sure to choose an experienced dealer and custodian who ensures IRS compliance.

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