Should I Invest My IRA in Gold?

Should I invest my IRA in gold

Gold can be purchased using either a traditional or Roth IRA, provided it meets IRS regulations. Investors will need to work with a precious-metals dealer, custodian, and depository – each will charge fees.

Gold investments don’t produce earnings or pay dividends like stocks and bonds do, yet physical gold can still provide valuable protection from inflation as it helps diversify an investment portfolio.


Gold can provide many advantages for an IRA, such as diversification and inflation protection. But it’s essential to understand how taxes could impede this investment strategy.

Physical precious metals such as gold bars and coins require storage, which may incur expenses like safe deposit box fees and insurance policies that diminish your return.

IRS rules mandate you pay capital gains tax when selling physical precious metal investments for a profit, which can be an added deterrent against short-term profits from gold investments. Investors seeking shorter-term profits may consider using IRA-approved gold funds and ETFs instead to bypass paying taxes associated with buying physical precious metals directly; these may however still be subject to unrelated business taxable income (UBTI), so conducting thorough research between gold IRA companies to find cost-effective options is recommended.


Gold can provide a good way to diversify an investment portfolio and hedge against inflation, yet is often less lucrative in terms of long-term price appreciation than stocks.

Investors can purchase physical gold through bullion brokerages, online metals brokers and retail jewelry stores. Alternatively, they could invest in shares of companies mining gold or financing its production as well as companies selling derivatives linked to its price.

Investors should carefully assess their financial goals, risk tolerance and timing requirements before investing in gold. Profits made from gold investments may be subject to capital gains tax just like any other asset class – this can significantly diminish returns and costs associated with storage such as safes or safety deposit boxes at banks can range anywhere from $30 a year up to several hundred.


Diversification may sound complex and unfamiliar to those unfamiliar with finance, but all it really means is adding variety to your portfolio of investments. By diversifying and investing across several types of assets, diversification helps spread risk more evenly if one investment goes bad – meaning if something unexpected goes amiss it won’t ruin everything at once.

Financial experts advise diversifying both across asset classes (stocks vs. bonds, for instance) and within each asset class – for instance spreading your investments across various sectors and industries so if one experiences negative news it won’t impact them all the same way.

Diversification can also help minimize taxes by spreading investments across accounts with various tax treatments and investment vehicles that offer different tax treatment schemes. Your Ameriprise financial advisor can assist in designing an appropriate investment portfolio tailored to your financial goals, risk tolerance and account mix.

Inflation hedge

Gold has long been touted as a reliable inflation hedge. Due to being a real, tangible asset which tends to retain its value when inflation spikes, it has often been used as an alternative currency in countries whose native currencies are losing purchasing power.

Inflation also reduces the purchasing power of money, meaning that your cash will only buy fewer goods or services over time. That is why it’s crucial to include inflation-hedged investments in your IRA portfolio.

As evidence of beating inflation mounts, several investments such as stocks, real estate, commodities, Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS), and certificates of deposit (CDs) have proven their ability to beat it. A well-diversified portfolio that is regularly rebalanced will also protect against unexpected increases.

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