Top 5 Precious Metals Dealers

Investing in physical precious metals offers investors many choices; these range from exchange-traded funds that invest in gold mining stocks to IRA-approved metals stored securely.

Investors should look for dealers that provide competitive pricing and outstanding customer service, such as these three examples from our list.


Since 1992, APMEX has been one of the country’s premier and reliable precious metal exchanges. Their wide selection of high-quality precious metal products and competitive pricing are key reasons why people choose them over other exchanges; additionally, their dedication to social responsibility initiatives demonstrates they care more than just profits.

Furthermore, they provide secure shipping and storage options to their customers. This enables them to diversify their portfolio by including Precious Metal coins from different countries in their collection. Furthermore, their AutoInvest program enables investors to set a schedule for regular purchases.

Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group provides investors with a reliable way to protect themselves from inflation and currency depreciation: physical precious metal investments. Their services range from purchasing bullion or coins for physical ownership, as well as tax-deferred Precious Metals IRAs where funds can grow tax-free.

Customers who have interacted with this company praise its representatives for their patience and efficiency as well as its low maintenance fees.

Birch Gold Group boasts high ratings with the Better Business Bureau as well as celebrity endorsements and an outstanding online reputation. Their A+ rating speaks to their commitment to customer satisfaction; their aim is to respond swiftly and work toward solving complaints as soon as they are received.


Goldco has been in operation for more than 16 years – an exceptionally long tenure compared to its competitors in the industry. Furthermore, it holds top ratings from third party organizations like Better Business Bureau and Trustlink, making them highly trusted sources. Goldco specializes in helping people diversify their retirement accounts into precious metals to protect their wealth against inflationary forces as well as government debt.

Customers of Goldco appreciate their unparalleled customer service and wide product offering, including coins and bars meeting IRA purity requirements, including platinum and palladium coins/bars. Furthermore, their buyback program gives investors peace of mind.

JM Bullion

JM Bullion is an esteemed bullion dealer that offers an impressive inventory of precious metals. Additionally, they provide accessories like coin capsules and storage tubes – they have earned accreditation by the Better Business Bureau as well as possessing an excellent customer satisfaction rating.

JM Bullion stands out from other bullion dealers by providing an innovative tool called AutoBuy that allows you to purchase gold and silver regularly based on your budget and needs. This tool is especially beneficial to investors seeking the benefits of dollar cost averaging.

Furthermore, they specialize in IRAs and provide competitive buyback prices. With such an expansive selection of products and exclusive services available to them, hundreds of satisfied customers have already chosen them as a partner.

SD Bullion

SD Bullion is an impressive precious metals dealer offering an expansive selection of bullion products at competitive prices. Their customer service team provides exceptional care while their secure storage options can protect customers. SD Bullion also enjoys strong ratings on online review sites and strives to help any issues that arise quickly for each customer they work with.

Both APMEX and SD Bullion provide buyers with various payment methods to meet their unique needs, and offer free shipping on some orders to add investment value.

Both companies advocate dollar-cost averaging, which helps investors diversify their portfolios and reduce market volatility. This approach can help investors meet their financial goals while protecting wealth.

Money Metals Exchange

Money Metals Exchange offers an efficient platform for purchasing and storing precious metals. It features free shipping as well as a monthly buying option, buyback program and direct storage options – making the exchange an excellent place for investing precious metals.

Stefan Gleason founded Money Metals Exchange as a sound money advocate that offers valuable market insights and educational resources for investors. Their goal is customer satisfaction with transparent pricing to help investors understand their investment costs more clearly. Furthermore, customers have access to knowledgeable representatives who can assist them during purchases – these reps are available by phone or email for answers on any related inquiries.

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